FilmaticAI Announces AI-Driven Camera Matching Plugin for DaVinci and Premiere Pro

There’s a new plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro and Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve that uses artificial intelligence to match footage from multiple types of camera platforms.

The plugin operates similarly to other camera-matching plugins like FilmConvert’s CineMatch, but rather than adjusting the resolution and color gamut on a clip-by-clip basis, ColorClone by FilmaticAI uses machine learning to match camera clips across the entire project workflow, saving valuable post-production time.

Image Credit – FilmaticAI

ColorClone employs algorithms that analyze various scene elements, including the exposure, camera angles, space, sensor dynamics of the camera’s digital emulsion, and the light spectrum to adjust all clips in the editing timeline to the master clip’s color scheme.

The result is that colorists don’t need to move shot by shot to match the main before moving on to the next step in the workflow.

“Harnessing machine learning, we address the intricate interplay of spectral variations and sensor responses,” states the FilmaticAI website.

“Our advanced algorithm adeptly navigates the complexities arising from the coalescence of the light spectrum, exposure, and sensor dynamics, ensuring the images you view on-screen are nothing short of accurate.”

Image Credit – FilmaticAI

The best part is, that ColorClone learns as time goes on, which translates to the plugin getting more accurate with the analysis and camera matching since machine learning improves the algorithm.

Image Credit – FilmaticAI

Currently, ColorClone supports the following camera profiles:

  • ARRI – Alexa 35, Alexa Mini LF, Alexa Mini, Arri WideGamut3/Log C and ArriWideGamut4/LogC4.
  • BLACKMAGIC – Pocket Cinema Camera 4k, BMDGen5/BMDFilm.
  • SONY – Venice 1, Venice 2, FX3, FX6, FX9, S-Gamut3.Cine/S-Log3
  • KODAK Vision3, 500T 5219 Film Negative, 250D 5207 Film Negative
  • RED – Komodo, V-Raptor, REDWideGamutRGB/Log3G10

There are also plans to add profiles for the Blackmagic 6K Pocket Cinema Cameras, Panasonic’s GH micro four-thirds mirrorless cameras, and the Canon C Series cinema cameras.

FilmaticAI is also developing additional features including the ability to create custom 3D LUTs and camera profiles.

Camera operators will be able to simply point the camera to a color card to record the color scheme and ColorClone will be able to import that information into the learning algorithm for a custom camera match.

There’s no word on when ColorClone will be available, but the FilmaticAI website has a sign-up form to keep updated on the latest news about when the plugin will be available.

[source: FilmaticAI]

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