FilmConvert Adds Sony A6400, A6600, and ZV-E1 Profiles to Its Nitrate and CineMatch Packs

FilmConvert has recently expanded its camera support for its Nitrate and CineMatch plugins by adding camera profiles for three Sony mirrorless cameras: the A6400, A6600, and ZV-E1.

These new profiles will offer users enhanced versatility and accuracy in replicating the unique characteristics of these cameras and matching them with other platforms in a given project.

The Sony A6400, A6600, and ZV-E1 are all part of Sony’s line of 4K mirrorless cameras, catering to different needs within the creative community.

Image Credit – FilmConvert

The A6400 and A6600 APS-C cameras are known for their compact size and exceptional autofocus capabilities and have been popular choices for both videographers and bloggers.

By contrast, the full-frame Sony ZV-E1 is specifically designed for content creators, and high-quality video features in a compact body, for on-the-go shooting.

Image Credit – Sony

By adding FilmConvert Nitrate and CineMatch plugins to the NLE workflow, users can apply a film-look appearance with grain and color to their digital video footage, making camera files look more cinematic.

Moreover, CineMatch streamlines that same workflow by matching opposing camera files to appear with similar grain, dynamic range, and color gamut.

Sony ZV-E1 Mirrorless Camera

Image Credit: Sony

Users will be able to shoot on various camera makes and models and use the profiles within CineMatch to make them appear similar and closely matched to a desired color scheme.
This includes precise control over color correction, grain emulation, and film stock matching, allowing filmmakers to achieve a more cinematic look.

When shooting on multiple makes and models of cameras, FilmConvert’s CineMatch plugin will match the color and dynamic between different cameras, and streamline the color grading process, making the editing workflow smoother and more efficient.

Downloading and installing

The FilmConvert Nitrate camera profiles for the Sony A6400, A6600, and ZV-E1 are available for download from the FilmConvert Website. Users can simply navigate to the new camera pack downloader within the plugin to select and install the latest profiles. CineMatch has a different process.

Users must download and install the latest version of the CineMatch plugin from and reinstall it. Once installed, users will gain access to the new Sony camera packs.

Now is also a good time to give both FilmConvert Nitrate and CineMatch a try, with both apps enjoying a 33% as part of FilmConvert’s annual Christmas sale.

The Nitrate and CineMatch plugins are $99 for Adobe Premiere, Apple Final Cut Pro, or Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve, or all three for $149. There is also a free, no-time limit “try before you buy” trial for those still on the fence.

[source: FilmConvert]

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