Nextorage Announces a Hot Rod of a CFExpress Card

Nextorage has released its fastest Type A CF Express card to date. The new A1 Pro CF Express card promises read/write speeds of up to 950 MBs, with a sustained writing performance of 850 MB/s.

Nextorage promises that the new A1 Pro CF Express card will be available in sizes ranging from 40 GB to 640 GB per second, and will enjoy the Compact Flash Association’s coveted VPG 400 rating for high-performance video capture.

Image Credit – Nextorage

With that kind of performance, the Nextorage A1 Pro could be the fastest CF Express Type A card on the market, edging out Sony’s models by nearly 150 MB/s.

Nextorage also announced the larger capacity A1 SE Type A CF Express Card, which enjoys the same peak speeds of 950 MB/s, but has a slower CFA VPG rating of VPG200 since its sustained write performance is limited to 200 MB/s. The A1 SE is available, however, in larger capacities of 940GB and 1920 GB.

Image Credit – Nextorage

The cards also come with Nextorage’s low power consumption technology known as Dynamic Auto Power Save. This new feature reduces power consumption by up to 88 percent during video recording.

It suppresses thermal throttling which the company says will stabilize video recording and extend battery life during shooting.

Both cards come with a 5-year product warranty and have a guaranteed operating temperature of between -10°C-70°C (14°-158° F).

The cards are also CFA compliant against Impact, X-ray, and UV resistance, as well as electrostatic resistance standards. Nextorage has also tested the cards for anti-magnetic resistance.

Pricing and availability

The A1 Pro and A1 SE are only available in Japan right now, but the company does have other CFE models available for sale in North America. So it’s only a matter of time before these cards hit the US market.

But if a user cannot wait and is planning to visit the Land of the Rising Sun, the A1 Pro has a list price starting at 11,900 Yen (about $83) for 40GB, and maxing out at $79,800 Yen ($560) for 640GB.

Likewise, the A1 SE is available for 64,990 Yen ($457) for the 940GB model, and99,800 Yen ($700) for the 1920GB model.

The cards are also available on Amazon’s Japan website, and Amazon’s page does state that it will ship to the United States.  Nextorage is also offering free data recovery software known as “Memory Card File Rescue,” which can restore data if the camera files have been accidentally deleted.

[Source: Nextorage]

Order Links:

  • Nextorage NX-A1PRO40G/INE 40GB CFexpress Type A VPG400 pSLC Memory Card (Amazon Japan)
  • Nextorage NX-A1PRO80G/INE 80GB CFexpress Type A VPG400 pSLC Memory Card (Amazon Japan)
  • Nextorage NX-A1PRO160G/INE 160GB CFexpress Type A VPG400 pSLC Memory Card (Amazon Japan)
  • Nextorage NX-A1PRO320G/INE 320GB CFexpress Type A VPG400 pSLC Memory Card (Amazon Japan)
  • Nextorage NX-A1PRO640G/INE 640GB CFexpress Type A VPG400 pSLC Memory Card (Amazon Japan)
  • Nextorage NX-A1SE960G/INE 960GB CFexpress Type A VPG200 Memory Card (Amazon Japan)
  • Nextorage NX-A1SE1920G/INE 1920GB CFexpress Type A VPG200 Memory Card (Amazon Japan)

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