Canon R3 Mark III Rumored for 2025

A second-generation Canon R3 is believed to be coming out in 2025.

The Canon R3 Mark II full-frame mirrorless camera is rumored to have a global shutter much like the Sony A9 III, and be rated as what many have referred to as a “speed demon” for sports and nature photography.

The first generation R3 was aimed squarely at professional sports and nature photographers wanting to have more professional-grade features in a mirrorless platform.

Canon EOS R3 Mirrorless Camera

Image Credit: Canon

While users continue to wait for Canon’s much-hyped flagship, the R1, the R3 has filled the void in the higher end.

Canon was initially believed to have only put out a “one and done” R3 as a stop-gap measure to keep prosumers happy since the development of the R1 has been quite leisurely.

Since then, it’s enjoyed several firmware updates to expand its capabilities. However, that was before Sony shook things up with the A9III and its Global shutter support. Now, it seems Canon has been forced to pick up the pace.

Image Credit – Canon

As reported in 2022, Canon has been developing its own global shutter with a full frame sensor which would eliminate the dreaded rolling shutter during camera movement. If the rumors hold true, the Canon R3 Mk. II would be the first in Canon’s mirrorless line to receive it.

Development of the R1 with a global shutter would be too late since the Mirrorless flagship was rumored to be announced by the end of this year. Now it seems that early 2024 is more likely. Still far too deep in the development cycle to add rolling shutter support to the design.

However, while eliminating the rolling shutter has its advantages, RED argues in a recent white paper that at least some rolling can be more cinematic.

“Despite these advantages, global shutters aren’t always the best fit,” states RED’s White Paper comparing Global and Rolling Shutters. “Having a subtle rolling effect can make the footage appear more film-like. Some global shutter designs can also make sensor photo sites less efficient, which can in turn compromise image noise.”

Outside of the rolling shutter, there isn’t much in terms of specs, or pricing, although the current R3 model has a retail price of around $5,000. An R3 Mk. II is believed to be coming by 2025, and what we would like to see is a new sensor with a boost in resolution, perhaps some 8K Raw video support, and of course, this rumored global shutter.

Other than that, it is anyone’s guess what else the Mk. II variant could have, if it comes out at all. It would all depend on what the R1 officially ends up with as it emerges from the vapor of development and into the sunlight. 2025 is a long way away, and a lot can happen in the feature game as these cameras continue to evolve.

Stay tuned.

[source: Canon Rumors]

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