Module 8 Tuner Adapter Turns Any Lens into a Cinematic Optic

Moment has announced a new lens adapter known as the Module 8 Tuner, which will give camera operators the ability to make any lens look like a cinema optic costing tens of thousands of dollars. And the best part is, it’s completely adjustable.

Being developed with the help of Moment Technical Designer Michael Thomas, the “Module 8” Tuner is the brainchild of notable cinema optics designer Ian Neil, who has spent decades designing iconic cinema lenses for the filmmaking industry.

Image Credit – Module 8

Not content with 13 Academy Awards and over 50 patents to his name, Neil wanted to cement his legacy by developing an optical device that would bring the look of iconic films to the everyday content creator’s existing quiver of lenses.

For the past 35 years, I have spent my career designing innovative cine lenses that have been used to shoot thousands of movies,” Neil said.

“But in all those years, no one has solved the problem of making the look of those incredible cinematic lenses available to everyone.”

Neil spent the last five years working on the Tuner concept, harnessing his experience in modern optical engineering to develop the look and feel of vintage cinema lenses from a single lens adapter.

The Tuner fits between the digital camera and the lens and creates optical aberrations, halos, and distortions that create an iconic cinematic look of the lenses that Neil has developed over his lifetime.

Image Credit – Module 8

Three different designs take their inspiration from a trio of the most well-recognized cinematic lenses on the cinema market.

There’s the Tuner L1, which emulates the characteristics of the Super Baltar lens, and the Tuner L2, which derives its look from the Canon K35 cine prime, Tuner L3 Anamorphic adapter, which Moment calls “Retro–Scope” and can make an image appear like it was shot on those vintage anamorphic lenses from the 70s.

Image Credit – Module 8

Each Tuner is also adjustable so that users can make a more variable representation of these cine lenses.

This patent-pending Vari-Look design gives camera operators the flexibility to be subtle with halos, stigmatisms, and aberrations, to smash the image with all its strength, and everything in between.

The Tuner is currently winding up its campaign on Kickstarter and has raised nearly a quarter of a million dollars from backers. The Tuner will be available for preorder in EF to RF and EF to E versions, tuners for around $1,300.

There is also a PL to E and PL to RF mount which will be available for $2500. Moment also working to expand to other mounts later in the year.

Users can also still take advantage of the Early-Bird Kickstarter pricing which brings the EF mounted Tuners down to $900 off, as well as getting a bundle of all three Tuners for under $3,000. So back it now and save a bunch.

[source: Module 8/Moment]

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