Nikon Website Hints Third Generation Z Cameras Are Coming

Nikon Germany’s website has listed two new unannounced Z series mirrorless cameras that will soon be coming, or will they?

While the listings are largely just placeholders on the company’s website, this has led many to conclude that third-generation Z6 III and Z7 III full-frame mirrorless cameras are set to be released in 2024.

The report comes from Nikon Rumors, which initially put together a similar release in the Spring of 2023 when Nikon Germany had a placeholder entry on its website, eventually producing the Nikon Z8.

Now the same website has two entries into its 11 mirrorless camera database that many believe could be a similar hint.

NR states that when visiting the mirrorless camera section of the German website, users will find nine listings that can be viewed, of a total of eleven Nikon products. In December, Nikon invited users to a special event on the African island of Lanzarote last week.

Putting those two together, and then adding that the Z6 and 7 were launched together in 2018, and then again for the Z6 II and Z7 II in 2020, one can conclude that a new third-generation version of both mirrorless cameras is not only forthcoming, but overdue.

Moreover, a new Nikon MB-N14 Battery Pack has been registered in Asia with the Korean National Research Agency, and it is believed to be for the Z6 III and Z7 III. The previous battery, the MB-N10 currently supports the Z6 II and Z7 II, plus the Z5, Z6, and Z7. And you don’t develop a new battery for nothing.

With CP+ 2024 in Japan poised to take place in late February, the timing is just a bit too tempting for Nikon to not introduce something. However, with the absence of any appreciable specs, as well as a few other websites stating that Lanzarote isn’t what people think it is, it may be that while the Z6 III/Z7 III will arrive sooner or later, it may not be as forthcoming as many think.

Additionally, a quick visit to the Nikon Germany website shows eleven cameras to view (not 9), neither of which are the Z6 III or Z7 III.

Therefore, NR may be seeking to stir up some clicks by ignoring some of the cameras that Nikon Germany has listed, or Nikon realized a mistake in its website construction and merely fixed it. This last possibility seems more likely, leading all of this to be much ado about nothing … for now.

However, rumors have suggested that both Z6 III and Z7 III will eventually come and that the Z6 III will have a 24.5 MP image sensor, two Expeed 7 processors, and support for 6K30 ProRes Raw and up to 4K120p N-Log/HLG video. The Z7 III, by contrast, is believed to offer a 61.2 MP image sensor but only supports 4K30 with no crop, or up to 4K120p with a 1.5x crop. There may also be HFR shooting of up to 240 fps with a future firmware update.

Nevertheless, these are rumored specs, and until Nikon offers some sort of future announcement for these two models, it’s likely a good idea to keep one’s powder dry and wait a few months longer to upgrade. Only time will tell.

[source: Nikon Rumors]

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