New Adobe Premiere Update Adds Audio AI Tools and Native TikTok Integration

Adobe Premiere Pro has received a pretty useful update that expands its use of artificial intelligence to streamline the overall post-production workflow and adds social media integration to TikTok at the touch of a button.

The new 24.2 update provides editors with tools such as Enhanced Speech for cleaning up ambient audio, Audio Category Tagging for improved organization, and Interactive Fade Handles to control audio tracks precisely.

Let’s take a closer look at these and other new features.

AI Audio Tools

Fresh out of Beta testing, the new Enhanced Speech AI tool dramatically reduces background and ambient noise and improves dialogue isolation.

Adobe states that the AI tool can make user audio clips sound like they were recorded in a professional studio by enhancing the clarity of the voice recording with a single click.

Adobe also states that users who have an NVIDIA RTX GPU will also enjoy up to 75% faster acceleration and overall performance, especially when using the Mix Amount setting in the Essential Sound Panel.

This is thanks to the AI feature running on-device to take advantage of the heavy lifting by the CPU and GPU for hardware-accelerated performance.

Image Credit – Adobe

Moreover, Adobe has also added Audio Category Tagging and Interactive Fade Handles, which give users precise control over the quality of the overall video sound.

Announced in January and available in Premiere Pro beta, Audio Category Tagging uses AI to automatically recognize if an audio clip is a dialogue, music, sound effect, or simply ambient background sound and assign the appropriate category.

Users can also select one or multiple audio clips and select Auto Tag to run it. The Essential Sound Panel will then show a corresponding badge to each audio clip which can be selected to gain access to other relevant audio tools for that clip.

Image Credit – Adobe

Image Credit – Adobe

Moving to Interactive Fade Handles, this tool gives users the tools to apply and customize fades and audio transitions between clips.

Like video transitions, users can fade sound in and out or apply crossfades between trips. Premiere has three types of crossfade transitions to choose from, including Constant Gain, Constant Power, and Exponential Fade.

Native TikTok Integration in App

Image Credit – Adobe

Also out of Beta, Adobe Premiere Pro can now post directly to social media portal TikTok from within Premiere Pro. Users simply log into a TikTok account and export the video as either a TikTok draft or publish it directly.

Adobe has also added built-in project templates that can set projects to the right size, along with so-called “safe zones.” These templates also allow users to retain branding, colors, and assets across multiple projects to streamline the workflow even further, and users can set up custom project templates.

Adobe has also added support for creative engaging TikTok subtitles through SubMachine by Creative Workflow and BMP Creative This plugin uses Premiere Pro’s speech-to-text tool to create customizable subtitles on screen with a single click.

Six Other Improvements

Other improvements include streamlining remote editing through the LucidLink Panel, providing for pinning and unpinning of sequences, searching for clips, and loading them directly.

Users can also use the Bird Dog Cloud Transmitter to stream editing sessions in real-time and collaboratively edit, review, and approve changes.

Users can also better organize and manage their collaborations through Helmut 4 and the Vulcano web interface. This gives access to Adobe Motion Graphics templates and the Roxy proxy panel to manage large video files.

Meanwhile, instant access to live video feeds can be achieved with integration through EVS to edit live content such as sporting events. Live streams are ingested with MediaCeption and LiveCaption and include metadata for faster rendering and direct playout.

Lastly, Adobe has included integration with Topa Video AI for After Effects to upscale and enhance legacy video to improve video image quality and reduce motion blur.

Expanded Sony Burano Support

Premiere Pro now supports the Sony BURANO full-frame cinema camera. Users can now import X-OCN and XAVC formats saved by the camera in a variety of “wrappers,” including X-OCN (LT), XAVC H Intra HQ, XAVC H Intra SQ, XAVC H Long, XAVC Intra, and XAVC Long.


The 24.2 update for Premiere Pro is available starting today. New Users can also take advantage of a special deal from Adobe where they can get Premiere Pro in Creative Cloud All Apps, and save 40% for the first year.

That price is $35.99/mo US. This offer is good until March 3, 2024. After which the price goes back to $54.99 a month.

[source: Adobe Blog]

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