FilmConvert Now Supports the Panasonic S5 IIX

FilmConvert has added the Panasonic Lumix S5 II X to its comprehensive list of camera packs for color grading, film look conversion, and camera matching.

The new camera pack joins a list of over 17 different camera manufacturers and provides a range of film looks based on film stocks, grain presets, and customizable controls to make the footage more cinematic.

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Designed to be a special edition professional variant of the S5 II, the Lumix S5 II X provides All-Intra and ProRes internal recording, external recording to SSD, 10-bit recording in FullHD up to 180 fps, wired and wireless streaming, USB tethering, and a preinstalled Raw video output recording license.

Through this camera, users can record 6K video at up to 30 frames per second, with 10-bit 4:2:0 Color in 16:9 or 17:8 wide screen and Open Gate configurations, or recording in uncompressed RAW.

Panasonic Lumix S5 IIX Mirrorless Camera

Image Credit: Panasonic

With this new custom camera pack, users can use FilmConvert’s Nitrate and CineMatch apps to create professional-looking film grain, based on popular film emulsions to make their projects look like they were shot on film.

FilmConvert does this by scanning film stocks of various emulsions and then overlaying the grain structure onto the video image.

Image Credit – FilmConvert

Analyzing digital camera sensors as a kind of digital emulsion, FilmConvert creates a profile based on a specific camera make and model and then creates a camera pack that can be used to apply a film grain and color grade that appears to be more natural and accurate.

Users can further customize the look with controls in the app or plugin which can give users precise control over balancing the exposure and color temperature of the shot, selecting preferred film stocks, and adjusting that stock look based on intensity, grain amount, and even grain size create the desired look.

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CineMatch works to balance the look of multiple camera makes and models, to give every shot clip a uniform look. Using dedicated camera data, the CineMatch workflow syncs color values of footage adjusting for exposure, temperature, and tint to meet the predetermined color palette and temperature that has been decided on for the overall look of a user’s project.

The result is that the overall collection of available video clips will look like they were shot on a single platform, which makes it much easier to color grade during the post-projection process.

How to Update

FilmConvert’s Panasonic S5II X camera profile is available by updating through the Nitrate plugin’s new camera pack downloader. Users can navigate to the downloader within their editor plugin, select the Panasonic S5II X, and then download to install. Manual download and installation is also still available for legacy FilmConvert users.

Image Credit – FilmConvert

Cinematch, by contrast, requires reinstallation of the plugin itself by downloading the latest version from

[Source: FilmConvert]

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