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Wooden Camera Introduces the Brand New Shoulder Rig V3

Wooden Camera has just unveiled the Shoulder Rig V3, a major update to Wooden Camera’s popular Shoulder Rig at a lower price point which makes it even more appealing budget-friendly option for filmmakers. The Shoulder Rig V3 weight has been reduced by 10% for the Pro and

Kinefinity KineMON-7H On-Camera Monitor Announced

Another day, another Kinefinity pre-NAB announcement. The thriving Chinese camera manufacturer just unveiled the new KineMON-7H monitor which features a 1920×1200 resolution screen with 16 million colors (RGB 24-bit depth), 1000:1 contrast ratio, 325ppi, and 1000nits of brightness. According to Kinefinity, the 7-inch display size makes the KineMON-7H

Canon 1DX Mark II vs. Sony A7III for Shooting Video

We all love to argue about cameras and obsess over comparison footage on YouTube, it’s become almost as popular a pass-time as actually using the cameras themselves. In my opinion, the comparisons of cameras fall broadly into two categories – the images you can create and how

Kinefinity TERRA 4K In-Depth Overview and Features

The Kinefinity line of cameras has been gaining ground in the cinema camera market with some notable advocates including Phillip Bloom and, as seen in this video, ProAV TV. Always worth keeping in mind when a company has a commercial relationship with a product they endorse, as