Turbo Ace AllSteady 6 Pro Gimbal Stabilizer Starts Shipping

Just a week ago after another successfully funded Kickstarter campaign, US-based company Turbo Ace announced that they have started shipping the first units of their latest budget All Steady six handheld gimbal stabiliser. That is the right time to see whether their mission to create the ultimate DSLR/Red gimbal experience for professional filmmakers at an affordable price has been accomplished.

The device weighs only 6 lbs, which is a half the mass of traditional and more expensive gimbals such as the MoVI M10 and the DJI Ronin. At the same time, the handheld stabiliser gimbal has a payload capacity of up to 8 lbs, which makes it extremely versatile and able to carry smaller cameras such as the A7s, GH4, Canon 5D Mark III to the heavier Red Scarlet or Red Epic Dragon and everything in between.

The AllSteady 6 Pro also offers convenient options including a wireless joystick for a second operator, follow focus ready set up and continuous 360 degrees panning for multi-rotors.

The gimbal also features a 32-bit processor just as the predecessor models with ultra-fast pan, roll and tilt auto-compensation. The Dual Sensor enables the controller to monitor and maintain proper gimbal orientation at all times.

To power larger motors at cooler operating temperatures, Turbo Ace have upgraded the controller to 30A so overheating on longer shoots or under extreme conditions shouldn’t be an issue any longer.

All in all, the device provides exceptional capacity and versatility but without the extra weight and bulk of larger gimbals, along with an entirely toolless balancing that enables the simple switch between smaller and larger payloads. Turbo Ace just released a video tutorial showing how to balance flawlessly the new gimbal.

There is a total of five pre-programmed operating modes including lock, aerial and ultra smooth full follow at different speeds. Upon power up, the default mode is a slow full follow mode. With a couple of clicks of a mode button on the joystick, the All Steady 6 operator can quickly switch between the desired operating modes.

The stick itself can be used to align the camera’s direction or to facilitate motorised panning or tilting, an excellent way to create smooth and consistent camera movements from a stationary or moving vantage point.


AllSteady 6 Pro Specifications

  • Gimbal Weight: 6 lbs including battery
  • Payload Capacity: 8 lbs
  • Gimbal Controller: 32 bit, 30A
  • Operating Dimensions: 450mm (Width) x 443mm (Height) x 260mm (Depth)
  • Folded Dimensions with Top Handle: 450mm (Width) x 455mm (Height) x 160mm (Thickness)
  • Folded Dimensions without Top Handle: 326mm (Width) x 345mm (Height) x 113mm (Thickness)

Compatible Cameras & Lenses

  • Sony A7/A7S/A5000/A6000
  • Panasonic Lumix GH4
  • Canon 5D/6D/7D/60D/70D
  • Nikon D800/D810/D3000/D3200/D5200/D5300/D7000/D7100
  • Black Magic 4K Production
  • Red Scarlet/Epic/Dragon

There are also some additional accessories that can be purchased with the gimbal such as wireless joystick control, AS6 Red Mounting Cage Upgrade & Power Package, extra gimbal battery, robust foldable tuning stand, heavy duty waterproof case and more.

At the moment the price of the AllSteady 6 Pro is just $1,297.95 and the company will showcase the handheld gimbal along with their other products on NAB 2015 at Central Hall-C11133.

[source: Turbo Ace, via: Cinescopophilia]

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  • Wayne Lam

    I have purchased AllSteady 5 early this year after I purchase my nightmare began, it has only 30 days free support with no toll free number and after that is a pay services. If you are lucky to get to the phone it takes forever to wait for the support. When I received my unit I updated the firmware but it never worked, after a call they told me it is not advise to upgrade the firmware. Never it has mentioned when the unit arrive other than a piece of paper about charging. If you do get the configuration for the unite say a GH4 set up and you wish you use with a 5D Mark III you have to PAY for the download of other cameras. What the Fxxx. You think I have only one camera to use. The back unit circuits board is not cover which is so cheap they didn’t make a cover to protect this bare electronic circuit board. I wish I have never bought this, stay away and I really meant it! Stand is extra charge. Disappointed.

    • Jerry Lantz

      I dont understand any of your complaints? It clearly says not to update the firmware! as for other cameras the gimbal has three modes each for different weight cameras……. no need to PAY for other downloads? The different camera configurations are when they balance your gimbal for you prior to shipment

      • Wayne Lam

        Did you order the Gimbal and received? If not this is my experiences back in Dec 2014. There were NO information telling user not to upgrade the FIRMWARE on the net or any note on the package arrive. A one sheet paper telling me how to charge the battery. As I notice AllSteady 6Pro has been replace the AllSteady5 Pro version. STILL, when you order there are different configuration lens and camera, if you are one of the person has only one camera and one lens that will work for you but now a day I’m sure 99% people will have more than one camera and ONE lens from rental or friends. When you order you can select one choice and rest of the setting are NEED to PAY. ARE you kidding me…paying for? That should be FREE download! If you have question after one month of purchase, there is a PAY services, phone them up and ask them. Now I have purchased the DJI RoninM almost a month, I can tell you way better! My experience with TurboAce has turned me upside down, instead of using I ended up calling and waiting for reply. Jerry Lantz go buy it and come back to write us your experience, I hope it will be better than mine..nightmare.