Edelkrone Wing – Get Perfect Camera Slides with No Rails!

Edelkrone are no strangers to innovation. The company, mainly known for its slick designed and user-friendly filmmaking tools ranging from sliders to follow focus units, has just introduced another very smart and compact motion tool for independent filmmakers. The Edelkrone Wing is a compact motion tool that mimics the movement of a camera slider, however unlike conventional sliders (and there really isn’t much conventional things about the awesome Edelkrone sliders to begin with), the Wing eliminates the need for rails, while still allowing the camera to travel for about 40 cm or 1.3 feet. As with all Edelkrone products, the new Wing motion tool sports a slick and polished design featuring CNC machined aluminium and stainless steel components.

Edelkrone Wing Features and Specs

  • Construction: CNC Machined Aluminium and Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: L x W x H – 5.7 x 1.7 x 2.6 inches (or 147 x 45 x 66 mm)
  • Weight: 1.2 lb (0.54 kg)
  • Payload: up to 3.3 lb (1.5 kg)
  • Camera Travel Distance: 16 inches (40 cm)
  • Additional Features: Locking and Drag adjustment elements
  • Mounting Options: 1/4″-20 on top / 3/8″-16 on bottom
  • Price: 220 Euro/$250 USD
  • Available: End of September

Edelkrone Wing

The Edelkrone Wing’s biggest advantage is its size – when collapsed it is not bigger than a mobile phone or a 5v power bank that you use to charge your phone, making it perfect for travel. Filmmakers can achieve perfect, straight-line shots similar to what you can get from a slider, but this time with the added benefit of not having rails and a smaller footprint. The payload capacity seems decent with up to 1.5 kgs, you can easily rock a DSLR or mirrorless camera like the Sony A7sII with a prime or compact zoom.

The Wing is set to start shipping September 26th and sell for 220 Euros/$250 USD. 

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  • Tony Hernandez

    Is it manual ot motorized as it seems ? Manual probably makes no sense, there no way to get smooth movement.

    • adventuresinvideo

      Deceptive video. It is operated manually. Edelkrone has some cool products — can anyone vouch for them or is there a lot of smoke and mirrors involved in the marketing like this product?

      • adventuresinvideo

        That said if reviews indicate it has a smooth movement i’d possibly be interested. I have a Kessler Crane CineSlider and Mathews DC Slider in my kit. I’d like something more airline friendly to throw in my travel kit.

        • Mal Meehan

          I have their previous mini ‘slider-one’ which works very well but only moves 23cm… this gives you 40cm of travel in a unit smaller then that one so this could be great for a backpack. The only issue I find is that their products tend to be heavy… which is a good thing for quality (exceptional) but not so much for my back!

      • i have a couple of edelkrone products. they work pretty well, but you really have to know what you are buying them for. it’s easy to get caught up by neat gadgetry, which this could be. i’d wait for real world reviews first

  • dakinproductions

    If this was motorised (which i thought it was from the video i saw) and allowed rotational tracking as well i would immediately sell my slider and place an order.

  • Deniz Demir

    As you can see on the right bottom side of video, it is not motorised. Still it’s a good option for that kind of shots.

  • Maybe you can put two together and get twice the

  • GRUB option

    I guess I will offer the first comment from someone who actually has one. It is a wonderful tool if you “need” to travel light, and the 1ft+ of slide is enough. You pay a hefty premium, but it works beautifully…smooth as any other non-motorized slider. It’s all in your manual sliding technique. I have the wing 3 teamed with a MeFoto travel tripod, and use it with a Sony RX100m2 and it is a perfect match. I’ve tried my a7s on it, and I think that’s the absolute maximum because then you really need a sizeable tripod for a stable slide. Now, they have higher-payload capable wings, but to be honest, those really get pricey. I think the wing 3 is the sweetspot of price vs. portability. Highly recommended if you simply want the smallest slider possible.