New Chrosziel Cage for the Panasonic GH5

Esteemed German camera accessories manufacturer Chrosziel have a brand new purpose-built cage for the Panasonic GH5. You may recall we recently posted a list of custom cages available for the GH5, and in case you missed it – you can head over to this link and catch up.

The GH5 has been officially out for just a few days to an ecstatic response from the filmmaking community and we’ve already seen plenty of third party manufacturers cooking some awesome accessories for the Panasonic GH5. And I am sure in the near future we will see many accessories more being made.

The new Chrosziel Cage System 700 is a custom made cage for the new Panasonic GH5 and is available in two options: a Starter Model 700-GH5-EASY with Cage and Handle; in addition to an All-In Package System 700-GH5 with Cage, Handle and Support.

The Chrosziel 700-GH5-Easy gets you:

  • GH5 Cage with handle
  • Cage Frame equipped with 3/8th 16 and 1/4 20-inch threads
  • Separately mounts directly on Sachtler ACE and Manfrotto 501+701 or with tripod plate on any other tripods
  • Handle also with 3/8 Inch and 1/4 Inch threads easily detachable with various positions
  • Price: €295

The 700-GH5-Easy option without the 15mm base plate and rods is probably better suited to shooters on a tighter budget as it can mount directly on popular budget heads from Manfrotto or Sachtler. However, I do agree that at nearly 300 euros (roughly $319) despite Chrosziel’s quality pedigree and brand recognition, the price may be a bit challenging to some.


On the other hand, if you happen to have deeper pockets, you can get the Chrosziel GH5 cage with some addition accessories, but it will cost you.

The System 700-GH5 (item number: 700-SUPPORT) gives you the Cage with Handle Plus the following:

  • Light Weight Support (LWS) for Chrosziel Camera Cage Systems
  • 2 x 15mm rods – 205mm long
  • sliding through, mounts on tripod adapter plate
  • €595 Euros

The pricing ranges from €295,00 (ex VAT) for the Starter Model 700-GH5-EASY with Cage and Handle to €595,00 (ex VAT) for the system 700-GH5 with Cage, Handle and 15mm Base Support.

You can order now directly from Chrosziel’s online shop or by emailing [email protected] or just contact the local Chrosziel dealer. Deliveries for the new Chrosziel cage has been scheduled for the first week of April.

[via Chrosziel]

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  • Logan

    What about the GH5 XLR adapter? It wouldn’t fit on.

  • Kurt Müller

    Hi Logan,
    This is Kurt from Chrosziel.

    Actually, the Chrosziel 700-GH5-System works fine with the LUMIX GH5
    XLR Professional Microphone Adaptor. The cage design allows you to get
    unobstructed access to the hot shoe of the camera (see picture below).

    Just put the top handle to one side of the cage or on one of the 15mm rods. Get a second handle (additional accessory) and put it onto the other slide of the cage or rod. Finally put the XLR adaptor on top… and here you go!

    Hope this little workaround helps.


    • Wow! Looks useful/practical AND badass! How would it fit with a SpeedBooster XL?

      • Kurt Müller

        Hi David,

        thank you for your request.

        The area below the lens mount area is free, so you should be able to use it. But you would not screw the Speedbooster into the support, you would still need to mount the camera to the support.

        Does this already help you?
        Glad to receive your feedback.


        • Hi Kurt! Thanks for the info! Maybe it’s just me, but I thought if you wanna use a cage with a gh5, probable you would not go with the micro4/3 lenses. Since this looks like an excellent high end cage, it would be nice to see an optional accessory, which would make it possible to have a strong connection (attachment) between the cage and the “feets” / the support of a SpeedBooster. But at least it’s good to know that I could use a SB without a problem. Any chance that you would release an accessory like that in the future? I believe that would make this product even better for people with bigger, nicer EF lenses. Ciao! D.

          • Kurt Müller

            Hi David, we have designed the cage to offer 15mm rod
            support. The current idea of Chrosziel is to use a lens support like the 401-49 to support your lens. Would this work for you or would you not support the lens at all?

            In this case the idea of a SB support would make totally sense. Please let me know your feedback. Thanks for staying in touch. Best, Kurt