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HDR Monitoring with Atomos Flame Series Explained

Change is hard and often met with inherent resistance. Such as the case with the migration from SD to HD, analogue to digital, tape to file based editing, HD to 4K (still painfully going), and now we even have something very new – HDR monitoring. For most

New Fast SSDs for Your Atomos Shogun/Assassin 4K Recorder

Choosing the right media for your camera or 4K recorder/monitor these days has become as important as picking the right camera for the job. As an audio/video professional second-guessing or skimping on media can be catastrophic to your production as the last thing you want to ruin a

Atomos Ninja Assassin 4K Recorder/Monitor Just Leaked

As with any nearing major event such as the forthcoming IBC in Amsterdam, some “unforeseen”, but expected rumours and product leaks already started to pop out of the woodwork. Whether it’s another marketing trick of the usual suspects or a NDA release day slip up the leak is already a

Atomos Reinvents the Rack With The 4K/HD Shogun Studio

Atomos have been riding the 4K wave since the introduction of the Shogun, which has proven quite successful and popular among filmmakers giving access to high-quality 10bit 422 ProRes recording in 4K and soon CinemaDNG raw from certain cameras. They have been at the forefront of professional