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Blackmagic Design Camera Update 2.4 For the Production Camera 4K

Earlier today Blackmagic Design dismissed once again rumours that they are not supporting prior generation cameras, by announcing Camera Update 2.4 expanding the functionality of the 4K Production Camera even further by adding frame guides currently present on the BMPCC and original Cinema Camera 2.5K. The Production Camera

Fast and Easy Blackmagic Raw Editing Workflow in Premiere Pro CC

Despite the more intensive system and storage requirements, shooting in raw gives us a ton of options, the most flexibility and the highest possible image quality out of the camera. It is a significant workflow alternative, especially if you want to future-proof your material and it is the best way to

Detail Comparison – BMCC 2.5K vs. BMPC 4K

The so-called “DSLR revolution”, started by pure accident from Canon, democratised the film industry irreversibly about five years ago. They were the first to put affordable tools in the hands of tens of thousands of indie filmmakers all over the world. Furthermore a few years later, Blackmagic Design