IMAX Debuts a New 4K 3D 65mm Digital Camera

Earlier today, IMAX announced they’ve debuted their latest camera – a 4K 3D Dual 65mm Digital Camera for the first time on the set of Michael Bay’s destruction fest “Transformers 4: Age of Extinction”.

At this point IMAX have been coy about releasing the actual specs of the camera, however they tell us the camera shoots in a 1.9:1 aspect ratio, which offers about 26% more image area compared to standard cinema crop of 2.40:1 in non-IMAX standard cinema screens.

In addition, both the left and right eye images are captured in 4K via a single interchangeable Stereo lens module, which reduces size and improves ergonomics. The new 4K 3D camera is described as “dual 65mm,” as in the sensors being roughly equivalent in size to a frame of 65mm film.

This new addition to the 4K acquisition systems comes as a bit of a surprise from IMAX. Sure they need to make sure more and more films get shown on their gigantic screens, but comes of short an attempt to save the diminishing power of 3D films.


Here’s the excerpt from the IMAX press release for the camera:

“…IMAX’s fully integrated dual 65mm 4K digital large-format 3D camera delivers stunning image quality and is smaller, lighter and easier to use than other 3D digital camera systems on the market.

Exclusively in IMAX® theatres, sequences captured with this camera will expand to fill more of the IMAX screen with unprecedented crispness, clarity, colour and earth-shattering 3D for a truly immersive experience…”

And here are some more images of the actual camera from the press release:




No details on the 4K 3D specialist camera’s pricing or availability have been released by IMAX, however you can bet this camera is designed for large-scale big budget productions and will most probably be a rental option only. We’ll be keeping you updated when more specs and information about this new camera are released.

Until then, check out the IMAX promo featurette about the camera and it’s debut on “Transformers 4: Age of Extinction” below.

[via Studio Daily]

[Links: IMAX 4K 3D 65mm Digital Camera Press Release and Quick Facts FAQ]

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