Awesome New Filmmaking Gear On Kickstarter – The Boda Jib & Camera Goat Dolly

Crowdfunding for creative projects has taken-off and gained significant momentum with the growing popularity of crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Sponsume, among many others.

Unless you’ve been without Internet access for the past five years, you’ve probably heard of someone you know raising funds for a short film (or a feature), a new album, or a new gadget.

If you don’t know anyone who’s done that, then you’ve probably seen a project raising funds on any of the above platforms on your Twitter or Facebook feed. Sometimes it’s tough to find what you’re looking for sifting through the hundreds and even thousands of projects seeking funding on crowdfunding platforms.

We recently spotted a couple of filmmaking gear Kickstarter projects we think will help you improve your filmmaking experience, regardless of whether you shoot on the Canon 5D Mark IIIGH4, Sony A7s, Red Epic, Canon C300, Blackmagic Production Camera 4K or on a GoPro.

  • The Camera Goat All-Terrain Camera Dolly

The Camera Goat is an affordable dolly track system developed by experienced DP Jeffery Garland. It can take cameras from all ranges, from GoPro’s and DSLR’s to RED Epics and Alexa sized cameras.

Summary of features:

  • A quick setup time – around 10 minutes or less
  • Can be setup by one operator
  • Versatile – can be setup on flat or uneven surfaces
  • Hight and Length adjustable – 2ft, 3ft, 4ft or custom
  • Can take any camera – from GoPro’s to IMAX style cameras
  • Machined out of solid aluminium – Made in the USA.

Camera Goat 1 4K Shooters

Camera Goat Dolly 2 4K Shooters

4k Shooters Camera Goat 3

There plenty of sliders and dolly systems out there, but not many solid built and high-quality dolly track systems for independent filmmakers shooting on a budget.

The crowdfunding campaign for the Camera Goat ends in 7 days, so head over to their Kickstarter page to claim your own and help Jeffery make this dolly a reality for all of us.

  • The Boda Jib from Cinetech Industries

The Cinetech Industries Boda Jib is a rugged, professional, portable jib for cameras ranging from the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, DSLR’s up to a RED Epic and/or ARRI Alexa.  Designed by cinematographer Jeremy Sawatzky, who has a background as a machinist and engineer and hails from British Columbia Canada.

On his Kickstarter page, Jeremy states the Boda Jib started out of his necessity for a solid, lightweight, portable jib with a large capacity to serve a wide variety of cameras.

Highlights of the Boda Jib:

  • Lightweight – only 9 lbs
  • Portable – folds to 28 inches long
  • Can carry a wide range of cameras – from DSLR’s to Red Epics – up to 15 lbs. fully extended, or 25 lbs. 3/4 extended.
  • Quick setup time – can be fully setup in less than 1 minute
  • Mounts to a 75mm or 100mm half bowl on a standard tripod

Finding a quality portable jib with a large capacity is no easy task these days. The jibs, which tick all the above boxes are quite expensive and out of the budget for most independent filmmakers. Cinetech Industries’ Boda Jib looks very appealing to those looking to up the productions values of their short films, documentaries, features or corporate work.

Boda Jib 3 4K Shooters

Boda Jib 2 4K Shooters

Boda Jib 1 4K Shooters

For more info, to claim one for yourself and to help out Jeremy in getting this jib to market visit his Kickstarter page here. His campaign ends in 12 days, so no slacking.

Crowdfunding, I believe is much more suited towards projects oriented towards manufacturing either tools to improve a process or a specific trade, such as cinematography for example, or a gadget that will improve your life in some way.

It is extremely liberating to think that we’re no longer slaves to the whims of established gigantic manufacturers who regularly force us into blindly buying their gear despite major flaws and sometimes ridiculous price tags.

In recent years, crowdfunded projects such as the two above have played a major part in the recent resurgence in manufacturing not only in North America, but in Europe as well. I much rather buy gear from a similar and like-minded filmmaker, who just like me, has been frustrated many times with mass produced gear rehashing old designs at high prices so the CEO of the parent corporation can make his $5 million yearly bonus (if only that little).

Our goal in the coming months is to bring you more projects like these so we can support each other as independent filmmakers and not faceless corporations, whose only goal is to make their shareholders rich, not improve our filmmaking experience.

[via Cinescopophilia]

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