Nexto DI Storage Bridge NSB-25 – Backup All Your HD, 2K, and 4K Media In The Field

Nexto DI Bridge 4K Backup

Backing up data in the field can often be a rather cumbersome duty on set. Dangling cables and external hard drives, a DIT or a (God forbid) newbie PA tucked away somewhere with a laptop effectively backing up the shots for the day. If something goes wrong (and it often does) without a proper backup procedure and tools, all your hard work from the day can go to waste. This is where Nexto DI and their backup solutions come in handy.

Nexto DI are know for making some awesome backup devices that do not require to be connected to laptops. Recently, they announced their latest storage solution called the Storage Bridge NSB-25. It can take media from almost any recording media from the most popular digital cameras such as Redmags, SxS cards used in the ARRI Alexa, and Sony PMW, and XDCAM cameras, as well as the new XQD media used in the Sony FS7, the new CFast cards used by cameras such as the ARRI Amira and the Blackmagic URSA. Even Sony and AJA proprietary format such as AXSM for Sony 2K/4K Raw, and AJA Quad and 2.5 inch SSD’s as well as SDHC/SDXC cards are supported.

The NSB-25 comes with the Compact Flash and SD (SDHC, SDXC UHS-1) memory module built-in for DSLR shooters using CF cards for their 5D Mark III or 7D Mark II and 4K shooters using the GH4 or similar cameras using SD cards for internal recording.

The backup unit features expandable slots for additional memory modules, which are sold separately. Such modules support – SxS, P2, ExpressP2, XQD, Red, AJA Quad, AXSM, 2.5-inch SSD (or HDD), or CFast cards.

The NSB-25 features 2 x drive bays for swappable USB3.0 SSD (or HDD) drives for backup. Footage can be backup simultaneously to a maximum of 3 drives – to both internal SSDs/HDDs as well as a third external drive such as USB 3.0 RAID configuration or a plain USB 3.0 external drive.

Footage can be reviewed on the Nexto Storage Bridge NSB-25 via the built-in 5 inch 800 x 400 touch screen capable of playing back 2K files and previewing 4K video clips. 2K formats are played back in AVCHD, H.264, MPEG2 (up to 50Mbps), ProRes, DNxHD, DV and DVCPRO HD. The NSB-25 will also preview 4K Raw in XAVC and AVC-Intra. Nexto DI are planning a future 4K upgrade for the backup device to allow the unit the ability to transcode 4K to H.264 for quick playback.


Interchangeable Memory Card Module

  • SxS PRO / SxS PRO+ / SxS-1
  • P2 / P2E / express P2
  • CFast
  • XQD
  • AXSM
  • 2.5” SSD / 2.5” HDD
  • AJA Quad
  • Compact Flash / SDHC / SDXC

Playback 2K – Preview 4K

  • 5” TFT-LCD 800 x 480 touchscreen + Internal speaker & Stereo audio out Jack, HDMI OUT to an external monitor

Simultaneously Backup up to 3 x drives with a single operation (MCopy)

  • Create three copies with 2 internal hard drive modules and one external USB3.0 (or RAID) drive

Make Copies on-location without a Laptop

  • Make a copy from the internal hard drive module to the second HDD module or to an external USB3.0 drive

Log File

  • Generates a LOG file to safely keep track of usage by the user

Copying a 4GB or Larger File

  • Supports exFAT, FAT32, UDF and HFS+ file formats

Nexto DI Storage Bridge Workflow 4K ShootersThe Nexto DI Storage Bridge NSB-25 is expected to ship in November and retail for $2,200 / €1,650 for the basic unit, and $2,400 / €1,800 for the unit with 2 additional memory modules.


Nexto DI Storage Bridge NSB-25

NSB-25 field backup device for HD, 2K and 4K formats

Suwon, South Korea (Sept, 9, 2014) The new Nexto Storage Bridge NSB-25 is an expandable field backup device that takes interchangeable memory card modules and removable drives and can backup to three drives at once from many different cards and formats on location. It can also handle 4K Raw formats from the latest cameras.

It is designed as a cost-effective, versatile and expandable next-generation field backup device, for use without a laptop, and comes with two built-in media slots – Compact Flash and SD (SDHC, SDXC UHS-1), plus a slot for a user-selectable interchangeable memory card module (sold separately) – of which there will be a choice of nine modules to handle SxS, P2, ExpressP2, XQD, Red, AJA Quad, AXSM, 2.5-inch SSD (or HDD), or CFast cards. The NSB-25 also has two drive bays for swappable USB3.0 SSD (or HDD) drives.

With a single operation, NSB-25 can generate up to three true backup copies simultaneously (MCopy) on the two removable drives and one external USB 3.0 drive (or RAID), at the rate of 150MBps.

For reviewing backed up footage as thumbnails, or to play back 2K and preview 4K video clips, the NSB-25 has a 5-inch 800×400 touchscreen, where it plays back 2K formats in AVCHD, H.264, MPEG2 (up to 50Mbps), ProRes, DNxHD, DV and DVCPRO HD. It will also preview 4K Raw in XAVC and AVC-Intra. A future 4K upgrade pack will allow NSB-25 to also transcode 4K to H.264 for quick playback.

The NSB-25 has an internal speaker and headphone jack, and users can connect it to a larger monitor through its HDMI port. It can also generate a CRC (cyclic redundancy check) protected Log file to keep track of usage, and when copying an individual file that is 4GB or larger, it supports exFAT, UDF and HFS+ file formats.

A Sync function allows users to quickly offload user selectable or all backed up folders to another drive by touching the screen, and only those files that have changed since the last Sync will be copied to save space and time. The device has an internal 10000mA rechargeable Li-Poly battery, which lasts up to 3 hours and can be recharged using the supplied power adapter or USB cable.

The NSB-25, or the two removable drives, can be attached to a computer via USB3.0, allowing users to browse, edit or transfer contents of the drives to the computer. The new Nexto Storage Bridge NSB-25 is on show on stand 11.G37 at IBC 2014 (Amsterdam, September 12-16), and is scheduled to ship 26 October 2014.


MSRP in US Dollars / Euro (excluding local duties & taxes)

NSB-25 (No memory module, no USB3.0 drive module) Main Device – $2,200 / €1,650

NSB-25 with Sampler pack – includes two memory modules (except AXSM) that are user selectable plus two USB3.0 drive modules (not including internal disks) – $2,400 / €1,800

About NextoDi co, Ltd. Nexto DI provides total backup solutions designed to suit any size of production or budgets. Nexto video storage is a must-have companion for the field shooter who needs to backup, store and duplicate large HD, 2K and 4K files securely, safely and quickly. For more information, visit our stand 11.G37 at IBC or

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