There Goes The Resale Value Of The C300: Canon Drops The Price by $5K

No this is definitely not an April Fools’ joke, as those came and went yesterday. Ten days before NAB, B&H has slashed the price of the Canon crowned jewel, the C300 EOS Cinema camera by $5K, nearly half from what it sold for upon release. Now selling for $6500, the Canon C300 is becoming a really accessible option for those productions looking to upgrade to an established industry workhorse and a great mid-range camera.

While this is certainly good news for those looking to buy a new C300, it doesn’t look well for current owners looking to offload theirs before NAB, where it is widely speculated we’ll finally see a refreshed model. Although at the moment this price drop has affected only the US, I am sure the UK/EU and the rest of the video world fill follow suit very soon in the coming week before NAB.

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c300 ef

The price drop goes for both the PL and EF mount versions of the C300 as well as the original and the DAF upgraded version. Canon has also reduced the price on the entry-level Cinema EOS C100 camera (non-DAF) by $1,000 down to $2,999 thus getting dangerously close to the 5D Mark III. At this point if you’re a video shooters, and you’re debating whether to get a 5D Mark III or a C100, it’s a no contest. The 5D mark III is selling for $500 less, but nonetheless the C100 is a professional camcorder with a Super 35 sensor, professional audio XLR inputs, Canon Log, and better ergonomics among many other features not present on the 5D3.


So if you’re in the market for a new C300, now is the time to buy it. Getting it from an authorised reseller has a lot of benefits such as warranty coverage and support, where as if you go via the used route and third party (end user), which is what I did with my C100, its less expensive, but more risky, as I now have a camera that is out of warranty. Current C300 owners wanting to sell their camera now so they can jump on an Sony FS7 or the whatever new camera(s) Canon announces at NAB in less than two weeks time, are in a bit of a difficult position.

A significant price drop by any manufacturer immediately makes their camera even less valuable in the 2nd hand market, and some may wished they’d sold a week ago. But, on the other hand is NAB is just around the corner and who know’s what surprises Canon will have for us at the show.

Here’s a list of some of the Canon promos and discounts currently available at B&H and Adorama.

B&H Canon EOS Cinema Deals:

Canon EOS C300 EF Cinema EOS Camcorder Body – $6,499

Canon EOS C300 PL mount Body only – $6,999

Canon EOS C100 EF Body Non-DAF – $2,999

Canon EOS C100 EF DAF – $3,499

Adorama Canon EOS Cinema Deals:

Canon EOS C100 Body non-DAF – $2,999.00

Canon EOS C100 Body with Dual Pixel CMOS AF Feature Upgrade – $3499.00

Canon EOS C300 EF Body with Dual Pixel CMOS AF Feature Upgrade – $6,999.00

Canon EOS C300 PL Mount – $6,999

Canon EOS C300 EF with Dual Pixel CMOS AF Feature Upgrade & Zacuto C300 Z-Finder Recoil – $7,999

Canon EOS C300 Cinema EOS Camcorder with EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM Zoom Lens – Dual Pixel CMOS AF Feature Upgrade – $8,299.00

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate partner and participant in B&H and Adorama Affiliate programmes, we earn a small comission from each purchase made through the affiliate links listed above at no additional cost to you.

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