The Grip and The Link: Kinetic Gimbal Controllers for Your DJI Ronin, Movi M10/M5 & BeSteady Stabilisers

Maybe you remember the ACR System Grip gimbal controller sneak peak at NAB 2015 we did, and in case you don’t here’s what it is. The Grip is a kinetic controller for gimbals, which allows you to move the camera intuitively in real-time with your body movements. Kind of like a flight simulator of sorts. No complex configuration is required and there is no need to practice, which is usually the case with classic RC devices. The stabiliser just points where you want it to point – it all comes to your arms position. Without any artificial barriers only your creativity is the limit of what you can achieve. ACR Systems think this is the future of camera positioning.

Such kinetic controllers have the capacity to significantly improve your gimbal stabiliser experience on set and save you quite a bit of time as you can nail your shot faster and easier. Complicated tracking shots and especially such where the gimbal is mounted in a difficult to access position such as on a jib/crane or similar, the operator can negotiate precise movements without resorting to a thumb controller or remote, which can take time and a lot of effort to master.

On tracking shots, for example, stabiliser operators can focus on getting smooth shots, and can leave the control of the camera movement to the Grip operator for example who can focus on getting the precise gimbal/camera movement required by the DP or director. A similar device from Freefly Systems, the team who makes the Movi M5/10/15 gimbal stabilisers have a similar unit called the MIMIC, which we covered here.

However, the Grip and the Link seem to be more affordable and are taking to Kickstarter as they need your help to get these amazing piece of kit into your hands.

A revolutionary way to work with a 3-axial stabiliser – the kinetic movement control – ACR Systems

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The Link is basically an RC receiver module but thanks to some advanced electronics it can also serve as a transmitter. That means that using two Links allows you to build your own Grip. You can pair one of The Links with any piece of gear you can think of and control the other Link attached to your stabiliser – possibilities are endless! For even more awesomeness The Link features various advanced functions that will come in handy on different occasions.

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The Grip & Link system is compatible with every gimbal that can receive PWM or SBUS signal. The current list of compatible stabilisers is as follows:

  • ACR The Plus (previously BeSteady ONE Plus)
  • BeSteady ONE
  • ACR The Beast (previously BeSteady FOUR)
  • FreeFly MoVI M5
  • FreeFly MoVI M10 (both versions)
  • FreeFly MoVI M15
  • DJI Ronin
  • The Ghost V3
  • BaseCam SBGC based gimbal with 8-bit or 32-bit CPU, with or without encoders, that has got S.BUS or PWM sockets

To check whether your gimbal is compatible with The Grip and The Link, check your User Manual if your device is equipped with PWM or SBUS connectivity. If your gimbal is based on SBGC / AlexMos technology you only need to have the remote socket on your main board and a few moments of configuration.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 21.50.10

Features & Highlights 

  • Efficient 32-bit processors advanced MEMS sensors,
  • 3-axial gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer,
  • OLED screen, directional keyboard and speaker (only The Grip)
  • The wireless transmission is compliant with EU and USA regulations, it works on 2.4 GHz frequency
  • The casing and external parts are made of aluminium (The Grip), carbon (The Grip) and durable plastic material (The Link)
  • The electronics, external parts, firmware and software are all made in the EU

The Grip and The Link are developed by an experienced team of some pretty ambitious and smart people. The Project Manager is Max Salamonowicz – director of BeSteady LTD responsible for both the idea behind these devices and their functionality. Max has already finished a successful KickStarter project – the BeSteady ONE gimbal – back in 2013. We cannot forget about Mariusz Zelazewski – the author of electronics and Adam Czapski – the programmer standing behind the sophisticated coding hidden in both devices. Of course this humble trio would not be able to get his project running without the supportive, experienced team of ACR Systems building all the gear.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 21.49.46


  • The Grip  up time (main system only) – 30+ hours
  • The Grip up time (powering a SmallHD AC7 monitor and Paralinx Arrow Plus receiver) – 100-150 minutes
  • Auxillary power outputs on The Grip – 12V and 5V
  • The Link up time – 3 hours
  • Range – 500+ meters in Line of Sight
  • Readable angles – 360 degrees on each axis
  • Embedded sensors – 3-axial gyro, 3-axial accelerometer, 3-axial magnetometer
  • Kinetic Follow – on roll, tilt and pan axes, user selectable
  • The Grip charging – via supplied power adapter
  • The Link charging – via supplied Mini-USB cable from any smartphone/tablet charger or from laptop/computer
  • The Grip powering – via Power Input or from internal battery
  • The Link powering – via Mini-USB socket, via PWM or S.BUS socket or from internal battery

Early birds specials on 1x Grip and 1x Link start at £660 and £465 for 2x Links. They are expected to ship July/Aug 2015 time. For more details and to claim yours head on over to their Kickstarter campaign here.

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