Screen Glu The Ultimate Framing Guide For Your GH4

Often simple solutions turn out to be the most effective and efficient ones. Screen Glu is another solid proof of this statement. Panasonic GH4 shooters will be more than happy to find out that now they can easily add frame guides for the famous cinematic 2:39.1 crop aspect ratio directly on the swivel LCD display of their favourite mirrorless camera while shooting Cinema 4K, 4K UHD and HD video.

ScreenGlu’s GH4 widescreen matte is a transparent adhesive film specially designed and manufactured to fit the GH4 display. Now cinematographers can frame their shots more precisely and accurately while shooting in 2.39 crop avoiding loss of essential composition and video status information.


ScreenGlu’s adhesive film is made from PET plastic commonly used for smart phone screen protectors and is very easy to apply to the GH4’s LCD screen. Just attach ScreenGlu matte and ensure that the aligning indicators aligned to the corners of the picture image are applied properly. ScreenGlu is removable, yet can stay permanently on to protect the LCD screen, however like any other screen protector its recommended to be left on permanently.

It’s also worth mentioning that ScreenGlu does not invalidate your warranty due to hacking or tampering, looks professional and most importantly gives users an accurate indication of how to frame their video to avoid cropping vital information when the 2:35/2.39 mattes are applied in post production. This is probably the easiest way to frame your shots in this aspect ratio, at least until we see this as an in-camera option added in some of the following firmware upgrades of the camera.


As long as you are able to capture actual DCI-compliant 4K resolution on the Panasonic GH4, it’s great that now with this matte you will be able to frame directly to 2.39 aspect ratio which is another great add-on to the otherwise excellent video functionality that the camera already provides.

Alternatively, you can also shoot in Anamorphic mode of the GH4 capable of recording video in 3328 x 2496 pixel resolution at a frame rate of either 23.98, 24, 25 or 29.97 fps using some anamorphic lenses or adaptors a then unsqueeze the image  in post-production.

The Screen Glu is on sale now for $20 (regular  price is $30/£19.99) direct from the link here (and pay with Paypal). You can also take advantage of the free worldwide delivery if you order the matte before July 2015.

[Source: Screen Glu]

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