The Pursuit of Visual Storytelling Recreated In Our First Filmmaking Guide

I’m really glad that now Ogy and I have the opportunity to share our stories with so many great people like you through this blog. If filmmaking is your greatest passion as it is for us and you’ve already dedicated your entire time, life, heart and efforts to the pursuit of visual storytelling, then we probably share the same DNA.

Of course, it’s always fun to talk about cameras, gimbals, cool gadgets and all that stuff, but I think this is an easy way to get lost in the sea of tech specs and features and loose sight of the big picture. Obsessing over the latest gear is a particularly treacherous road that could often lead to a not getting your film done. At the end of the day being a filmmaker is all about storytelling – telling fascinating stories to people with pictures and sound. It’s just as simple as that.

By the way, this is the main reason why Ogy and I met in the first place. It’s the same reason for which this blog was created more than a year ago. We simply believe in the power of storytelling along with the fact that there are many great stories out there that are waiting to be told and revealed to the world.


Still frame from my debut feature film “The Sixth Day”

But let’s face it – creating a feature film isn’t an easy task, despite all the affordable tools and tons of information we have at our disposal today. On the other hand, I tend to believe that now is just the right time to be a filmmaker and the best part is – it won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

These days you really don’t need the money to make a feature film that you would be paying even five years from now. The available tools and assets you’re going to need are already here. And that’s why we made our  films on a shoestring budget with no fancy gear – no time was the right time except the here and now.

We simply want to share our experience and insights with you and also share the mistakes we’ve made down the road. We also want to invite you on to join us in our journey on which we embarked more than four years ago. The one thing that I  really missed though when I was starting was the lack of information related to the real-life filmmaking stories and experiences.


Another shot from “The Sixth Day”

Of course, back then we know how to do things, in theory, at least, however, no one told us the lessons that we’ve learned on the go. It turns out that this type of experience is simply invaluable.

Believe me, no one can prepare you for this no matter which part of the world you are coming from or what film school you have graduated from. You simply need to go through the journey on your own. But it would help greatly to have a guide. There were many moments that are very dear to my heart as were many others that I really don’t want to remember as well, but I’m glad that we went through this and we want to reveal this experience to you.


The producer of the Sixth Day my debut feature film and still one of my best friends Stoyan Vitanov

There will be a pain, and there will be lots of it. There will be times when you’d want to give up and do something else. Your perseverance through the struggle will define you not only as a filmmaker, but also as a human being. It will make you stronger in every sense of the word. In the following weeks, we will provide you with updates about the progress of our first filmmaking guide that will include everything you are going to need to shoot and produce your first feature film.

Meanwhile, if you want to learn more about some of the gear we used for our projects GET OUR SPECIAL FREE REPORT HERE.

Stay tuned!

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