Camtrac – Adaptable Camera Dolly For Timelapse and Hyperlapse Videos

As filmmakers, we are always eager to explore the world around us constantly looking for inspiring stories to tell. Finding new innovative tools and techniques that can help us to get more appealing and interesting perspectives is another aspect of the process that also improves our visual storytelling and makes us better filmmakers in the end. Well, Camtrac is a project that definitely deserves consideration or, at least, a look. Like most inventions, the Camtrac was born out of necessity as according to its creator Dan Eckert there simply isn’t a time-lapse/video dolly on the market that combines functionality with ease of use.

Whether you tend to agree or not, we should admit that the ability of Camtrac to run on almost any surface or track is simply a no-brainer. Since all wheels and components are removable or adjustable, your left with infinite possibilities when setting up your camera move which opens up a whole new world of camera movements that are waiting to be explored.

Here is a quick video of Camtrac in action:

Whether you are going to shoot a hyper lapse, time-lapse or use the Camtrac for more complicated camera movements the innovative dolly system has got you covered. Undoubtedly, the device is extremely versatile and easy to configure which makes it an attractive solution for all kinds of run and gun situations. At the heart of the Camtrac is the dedicated plate providing numerous mounting options for monopods, tripods or even some advanced tilt heads and everything in between.

The Camtrac features fully adjustable components providing endless possibilities that make the device extremely flexible and efficient piece of gear. For example, you can utilise Camtrac by attaching to almost every railing around you, which instantly turns the Camtrac into a fully functioning dolly system providing smooth and fluid camera movements even in the most challenging situations.

The Camtrac provides both manual and motorised modes. Switching between the two is seamless and effortless and can be done by simply disengaging the drive assembly which is held in place by magnets. Curved moves aren’t a problem as well as you can precisely adjust the wheels and lock them in the desired position without using any tools. You can even set up the Camtrac on a railroad track which is another way to get some amazing results, especially if you are utilising the time-lapse mode of your camera.


The Camtrac comes in two manual and motorized versions as of now the latter is fully functional, completed and thoroughly tested. If you want to back the project head on to its Kickstrater campaign page and support Dan Eckert to reach his goal and get this dolly into the hands of creative filmmakers everywhere. Camtrac is set to ship in February 2016.

[source: Kickstarter]

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