Cinematic Camera Moves with the DJI Osmo Mobile

Last week we took a closer look at the DJI Osmo Mobile’s ability to shoot stunning time-lapse and hyper-lapse videos on the go. Now, we’ll focus on some of the essential cinematic moves one can achieve with the DJI’s proprietary gimbal/camera system.

Even though DJI utilizes the Osmo Mobile in particular for the purposes of the following instructional video to showcase another great functionality of the unit, you can use the suggested camera moves as powerful narrative assets with every other handheld gimbal as long as these conform to the requirements of each shooting scenario or scene and the overall needs of the visual story you tell.

So, here are some of the epic camera moves you can do with your Osmo Mobile right off the bat.

First, you can try to move your camera starting either low or high on your subject and then point it gently in the opposite direction without tilting. That’s one of the most basic moves you can get with the Osmo Mobile although it’s still a powerful movement, especially if it’s on par with the visual aesthetics of your project.

Another approach is to move with the handheld gimbal sideways through your environment while following your subject. As long as you keep the camera at the same height, you’ll be sure that you’ll be able to capture another impressive cinematic shot with some extra production value on top. Additionally, you can ramp up the difficulty by moving in a circle your subject to add even more kinetic energy to your shot.

Tilting up or down is another technique that you can perform with your Osmo Mobile with ease. This type of camera movement is suitable for establishing shots or when you want to reveal the surroundings of your main character. You can then use Follow and Lead move by following your subject from behind or walking in front while pointing the camera forward.

Furthermore, to add some extra dynamics use the Push-In technique. Just start from a distance and walk towards your subject while keeping him/her at the same position in your frame. This is an excellent way to reveal the emotional state of your character and build upon the overall emotional intensity of the scene.

Of course, you can achieve the opposite effect by using the Pull-Out technique. This time, just move away from your talent to reveal the world around or emphasize on the loneliness and difficulty the character is going through. Again the best approach is to find the most appropriate camera move to convey the right emotions and enhance your storytelling.

What are your favorite Osmo Mobile camera moves? Feel free to share in the comments below.

[source: DJI Tutorials]

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