Freefly Put a Sony A7S II Inside New MoVI Carbon 5-Axis Stabilizer

The FreeFly MoVI Carbon is apparently the world’s first handheld and drone mountable 5-axis camera stabilizer! And if that’s not enough, it already comes packed with a Sony A7sII and a 24-240mm zoom. Freefly were kicking all sorts of ass at NAB 2017 last month announcing also their heavy-duty MoVI XL stabilizer system for big payloads, which you can read more about in our post here.

What is unique about the new MoVI Carbon stabilizer is that it has been comes with an integrated Sony A7s II and Sony 24-240mm lens integrated into the gimbal. The new MoVI Carbon also features 2 inner axes which keep the camera perfectly stable in even the most demanding conditions at a full 240mm zoom.

Much like the MoVI XL, the MoVI Carbon has been designed with multi-use in mind – the gimbal can be attached to various moving platforms – whether it be a car or motorbike. 

Freefly MOVI Carbon 5-Axis Stabilizer Sony A7s II

Freefly Systems have miniaturized, optimized, and cut every gram of weight of our 5-axis design so that you can get it into the world’s most interesting places. MoVI Carbon enables cinematographers to achieve some pretty spectacular shots that would otherwise may prove impossible to get.

Some benefits of the new MoVI Carbon:

  • Natural history shot freely while moving from 24-240mm
  • Sporting events covered while moving at any focal range
  • Low level dynamic drone shots from focal ranges no other system can achieve
  • Lightweight vehicle mounted shots (car, motorcycle, bike) while moving the camera in the scene, zooming and framing to your liking.

Despite that fact that 5 and even 6 axis gimbals already do exist, they are massive and have been designed to support big cinema rigs for cameras like the ARRI Alexa and/or REDs.

Freefly has gone more the route of making a more compact 5-axis gimbal, which is their first in a new line of 5 axis gimbals, by leveraging the impressive dynamic range and small compact factor of the popular Sony a7S II and solider zoom range of 10x zoom thanks to the Sony 24-240mm f3.5-6.3 OSS lens.

FreeFly Systems MoVI Carbon Sony A7sII 24-240mm 5-axis camera stabilizer gimabl

According to Freefly, they are planning on a limited run of MōVI Carbon gimbals, that will be hand built in low quantity for the near future.

If you are interested in reserving one please do so here. Pricing has not been confirmed yet, but is expected to be under $30,000. 

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