Sony Full-Frame CineAlta F65/F55 Camera with Anamorphic Support Next Year

At CineGear Expo 2017 in LA, Sony spilled the beans on their plans for their “Next Generation CineAlta” camera. Not many details are known at this stage, however it appears the new camera is a bit far away, however what we know today from the press release is that it will have a full-frame (36 x 24mm) sensor exclusively designed for this Digital Motion Picture Camera. 

The sensor will also be aspect ratio agnostic – meaning that it would support Full-Frame, Super 35, 4:3 anamorphic and 4K spherical DCI or 17:9. This is particularly smart move by Sony, as the way things are going in the high-end spectrum currently dominated by the large format ARRI Alexa 65 and the RED Weapon/EPIC and other RED monsters, it only makes sense to go beyond the Super 35 sensor size and coverage to give cinematographers more options for a more epic canvas.

New Full Frame CineAlta Sony Camera CineGear Expo 2017

It is not yet known where this camera will sit in the lineup, but it appears that will either be a F65 successor or sit somewhere along side it. It will not be cheap by any standards and definitely positioned to compete with ARRI and RED’s highest spec offerings for motion picture creation.

According to Sony, the new camera will be capable of “exceptional image quality” and work with the existing 16bit Raw/X-OCN and XAVC workflow. The new Sony beast will also be compatible with the existing DVF-EL200 Full HD OLED Viewfinder for the F55, AXS-R7 recorder, AXS-CR1 and AR1 card reader, AXS and SxS memory cards. I also expect a native PL mount, or maybe an interchangeable one.

Whatever the new camera ends up being, I am sure it will cut very well with the Sony A7sII, or A9s by that time 🙂


Sony F65 Flagship Camera


Basingstoke: June 2nd 2017: : Sony Professional Solutions Europe is announcing plans for its next-generation CineAlta digital motion picture camera system. This latest addition to the CineAlta family is being developed through careful research and close collaboration with creative professionals including Directors, Cinematographers, Operators and Digital Imaging Technicians. Through the implementation of features demanded by the industry, Sony is demonstrating its commitment to innovation and the creative freedom needed for feature filmmaking and production.

Technology highlights and key benefits:

• Full Frame 36x24mm sensor exclusively designed for this Digital Motion Picture Camera
• Aspect ratio-agnostic – including Full Frame, Super35 4K 4-perf 4:3 Anamorphic and 4K spherical 3-perf 17:9
• New image sensor enabling exceptional picture quality
• Maintains the workflow established with Sony’s 16bit RAW/X-OCN and XAVC
• Compatible with current and upcoming hardware accessories for CineAlta cameras (DVF-EL200 Full HD OLED Viewfinder, AXS-R7 recorder, AXS-CR1 and AR1 card reader, AXS and SxS memory cards).

Sony CineAlta Background:

Sony pioneered high-end digital motion picture production technology, with the first 24p digital camera system (HDW-F900), the first RGB recording system (HDC-F950 and SRW-1) and the Super 35mm image sensor camera (F35).

CineAlta raised the standard of motion picture production with cutting-edge digital imaging technology, greatly contributing to 3D, 4K, HDR; and will continue to innovate in the future.

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