PhilmColor – Digital Film Stock LUTs for RED Cameras & IPP2

The crazy flexibility of the REDCODE Raw native format of RED cameras is no secret, however with the huge influx of new RED users thanks to more affordable cameras such as the RED Raven and Scarlet-W, there is a hefty demand for a more “click and drag” and/or quick-turnaround grading workflow for a lack of a better word than ever before. RED cameras are being used to shoot interviews, events, and all sorts of quick-turnaround stuff and plus now with the more uniform Image Pipeline dubbed IPP2 – it is easier to get a stellar image right from the get-go from your RED camera.

Long-time RED user and community contributor, LA-based DP Phil Holland, whom most of you I am sure are familiar with, has been working on a new set of “digital film stocks” to give your RED footage more oomph. This is where his new set of these called PhilmColor comes into play.


Image by Phil Holland/

philmColor is a series of motion picture film inspired Creative 3D LUTs designed and optimized for RED’s new Image Processing Pipeline 2 (IPP2). The core concept behind this project is to provide filmmakers with new “digital stocks” to assist in carving out a more unique look to their captured footage. The LUTs are 33×33×33 and can be used in cameras with IPP2 support or on any REDCODE RAW .R3D in post.

In this version 1.0 release you get a total of 103 LUTs with the purchase of philmColor:

  • 45 base Stocks – There are 45 of these unique looks. Some are based on film stocks, some are based on modern film grading trends, some are helpers for specific situations, others are unique in their own ways. These meter accurately to 18% Gray in camera unless otherwise stated in the manual.
  • 17 ghost Stocks  their purpose is to serve more like color science and are designed to slightly tune chroma and luma responses. These are far more subtle than most of the baseStocks. Overall my goal with these are to provide different approaches to skin tones and more subtle hues found in situations such as dusk. These all meter accurately to 18% Grey in camera. 
  • 4 printModels (with strength variations, 20 LUTs) – Each loosely based on a film-like print response. They come in a variety of strengths. Pure, Flat, Flatter, Punchy, and Thin.
  • 7 toneAdjusts (with strength variations, 21 LUTs) – intended as post helpers, though you may find a couple of them pleasing in camera (like the cineTone variants). Some are purely utilities. For instance, if you desire to pull down your highlights only, there’s a LUT for that. Additionally these come in different strengths. Full, Half, and Quarter.
  • Free Updates to Version 2 as new LUTs are created and added
  • PDF Manual with previews of each LUT and some notes regarding them.

philmColor can be used in camera and in post. In camera, your camera must support IPP2 internally. At the moment, RED Helium camera bodies for instance. In post, philmColor can be used on any R3D from any RED Digital Cinema Camera.


Within REDCINE-X Pro and supported 3rd party software you place your selected philmColor LUT in the “Creative 3D LUT” menu. Do note that PhilColor stocks have been purposefully designed to be used with IPP2 and REDWideGamutRGB/LOG3G10 and are classified as Creative 3D LUTs in REDCINE-X Pro:

REDCineX Pro - PhilmColor Creative 3D LUTS

Image by


On your REDMAG media create a folder called “luts” and copy over the philmColor LUTs you’d like to use in camera. Do note, you must have a camera that is “IPP2” capable to utilize these LUTs properly in camera. Go to Menu 3D LUT to select and manage your LUTs.

Image by Phil Holland/


All of philmColor LUTs are designed to work when applied to any shot, but you may want to tweak your look a bit. When applying your philmColor LUT you may want to fine tune your White Balance, ISO/Exposure Adjust, Curves, and Contrast. Saturation and other adjustments can be further manipulated within the CDL controls. Additionally, you can of course select different Output Transforms like your Output Tone Map and Highlight Roll-Off depending on if you after a smoother or punchier look. There are a huge variety of looks you can explore.

PhilmColor V1 is currently priced at $325 and can be purchased here. You can get $20 off use promo code “phfxlovesyou”

via Phil Holland on Instagram

Use code “phfxlovesyou” at checkout for $20 off, because I do feel much lurve! #R3D

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