Blind Spot Gear TILE LIGHT Hands-On Review

About a year and a half ago some of you may recall, we posted about new, premium quality compact LED light from UK-based outfit Blind Spot Gear called the TILE Light. And today, Blind Spot Gear unleashing the TILE upon the pro video world, giving video professionals a very versatile, high-quality LED light fit for the rigours of modern field work. For those of you unfamiliar with Blind Spot Gear, these guys are also the creators of the Scorpion Light (you can read more about it here), which is another awesome tiny, flexible and portable LED light that can be attached to pretty much any surface.

First off, many thanks to Billy from Blind Spot Gear for sending me this review unit. You can check out my hands-on review in the video below and read my thoughts on the TILE Light in the following paragraphs in this article.

TILE LIGHT Quick Highlights

  • High-quality rugged aluminium build
  • 5600K Daylight balanced
  • 120 degree beam angle
  • 0-100% flicker-free dimming
    • with built in 5 stage button dimmer
    • or included removable thumb wheel dimmer
  • Rubberised front surface for sticking gel filters
  • Various options for mounting battery bracket
  • Wheel-based dimmer accessory included
  • Comes with Battery and a charger
  • A neat little pouch is also included
  • Price: £445 inc. VAT (from Blind Spot Gear)

Tile Light LED Blind Spot Gear


  • Lumens (Max): 
    • 1700 Lm
  • Optical System:
    • Single Surface Emitter
  • Beam Angle:
    • 120 (half Peak angle)
  • Colour Temperature (CCT): 5600k
  • Built in 5 step dimming (button) or external remote dimmer accessory (included).
  • Gel Attachment
    • Electro static / micro vacuum. No accessory required.
  • Mounting 1/4″ 20 tpi. (2 mounting points)
  • Power in: 3.5mm DC Barrel
  • Control port: 2.5mm 4 pin jack
  • Max Power:
    • 22w
  • Max Current Draw:
    • 3.5a (@6.5V)
  • Voltage Range:
    • 6.5-24V DC
  • Power supply (AC)
    • AC 12v output with 3m cord and international plugs.
  • Power supply (battery)
    • Battery Adapter (Sony NP-f compatible). 45min run time with supplied battery.
  • Photometrics
    • 0.3 m: 5742 lx
    • 0.5 m: 2067 lx
    • 1 m: 517 lx
  • Dimensions
    • Weight: 300g / 0.65lbs
    • Lamp Size: 164mm x 78mm x 19mm
    • Lamp Size (Imperial).  6.5 x 3 x 0.75″

Blind Spot Gear Tile Light

What you get in the box:

  • 1 x Tile Lamp

Plus the following accessories:

  • 1 x Remote Dimmer
  • 1 x Dimmer Extension Cable
  • 1 x International AC
  • 1 x Battery Adapter
  • 1 x Battery (NP-f550)
  • 1 x CTO Gel
  • 1 x USB Battery Charger
  • 1 x Ball Mount
  • 1 x Hot Shoe Adapter
  • 1 x Lamp Bag

While the price may be a bitter pill to swallow for some, all things considered this is a professional, compact, multi-purpose LED light with the purchase of which you also get a battery, charger, a thumb well dimmer accessory, ball-mount, pouch, CTO gel and basically all you need to get you going. Given the rugged aluminium construction I am not worried that even if I drop this light that it would break – it just feels so solid – as every pro piece of kit should.

TILE LIGHT LED Blind Spot Gear

It is powerful as hell, and you can use it not just as an on-camera light, but also a fill light, or even a key in some circumstances. I personally would have preferred to see the thumb wheel dimmer integrated in the design of the light, but mounting it on the side is not a problem, it’s just that I will probably end up loosing it at some stage. Also the bottom part of the ball mount was a bit thick and getting it slotted in correctly into the hot-shoe of my Panasonic GH5 was a bit of a struggle, but I got through it.

Tile LIght Blind Spot Gear GH5

The electro-static vacuum suction voodoo of attaching tungsten and other coloured gels to the front as easy as peeling off a label is just genius and a real time saver. The battery latch on the back actually works (unlike on some inferior on-camera LED lights I’ve used in the past) and the whole construction feels solid and pro in every way.

Tile Light GH5

I am a fan, I have to say. Now, I have to sell some odd bits and pieces and a few cheaper lights so I can buy a Tile Solo. A high quality portable LED light seems like a decent investment that has the potential to last quite some time.

For more details and to order yours, head over to Blind Spot Gear’s website here.

For our North American readers, you can buy the Blind Spot Gear Tile Light Solo from B&H for $495 via this link here.

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