Primers 3D LUT Pack for Sony FS7, FS7 Mark II, and FS5 Cameras Just Got a Major Update

After 2 years of research and development and some extensive improvements and optimizations in the recent months, the Omeneo’s Primers 3D LUT Pack specifically designed for Sony’s professional camcorder lineup just got a significant update. For those of you who might not be aware, these look-up tables are custom made through a detailed analysis and custom methodology utilizing the full dynamic range of the recorded data on the most popular Sony mirrorless cameras and professional camcorders.

Unlike other camera profiles that are limited to the camera processing ability, Primers offer greater precision in correcting the image signal. These LUTs come in different packs of standard 3D look-up tables as the latest Primers pack is now updated with new files tailored towards the color science of the SonyFS7FS7MIIFS5 cameras providing significant improvements in tonal distribution and overall color fidelity of the captured video signal.

The new set is particularly optimized for S-Log3 gamma and S-Gamut3.cine color mapped imagery from the FS7 sensor. According to Omeneo Design, there are many built-in signal improvements for accuracy, natural image reproduction and post-production consistency with minimized noise.

All in all, Primers are designed in a way that corrects the subtle color offsets in high precision thus getting much more out of the sensor, allowing the shooter or the colorist to focus on the creative part of the process instead. There are many refinements and design of subtle picture aesthetics involved in the process to maintain image neutrality.

Overall, Primers aren’t typical creative “looks”, nor generic technical transforms made to transfer images from one color space and gamma to another. They are very delicate image signal optimizations used as a quality basis for further look creation and something completely new on the market.

The package contains separate look-up tables that can be used in-camera or with an external monitor/recorder in the field. Shooters using these LUTs for video preview will be able to get more accurate and less digital looking imagery while shooting, with full DR visibility and no data clipping. Plus, Primers can be directly integrated into your post-production pipeline as well.

FS7 Primers EQX package contains:

  • 4x 64^3 S-Log3/S-Gamut3.Cine > rec.709 cube files for post-production
  • 4x 33^3 S-Log3/S-Gamut3.Cine > rec.709 cube files for camera preview
  • Primers info document

Users who already purchased the Omeneo’s FS7 pack and contributed to the project will receive the latest update free of charge. Meanwhile, Primers packs for the other Sony compact camera models are currently in the making with more imminent updates expected down the road. For further details and purchase links, head over to Omeneo Design’s official website here.

[source: Omeneo Design]

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