Edelkrone Announces SurfaceONE – the World’s Smartest 2-Axis Motion Control System

Traditionally, shooting motion timelapse videos is a very time-consuming process, especially since one will have to manually move their equipment to perform a simple motion (such as curving around a stationary object).

Edelkrone, mostly known for their reputable, high-quality camera gear has recently released what they claim is the “world’s smartest 2-axis motion control system” known as the SurfaceONE, made for aspiring filmmakers and motion-time lapse shooters in mind. The SurfaceONE is a compact and intelligent aluminum-bodied motion control system that’s equipped with two wheels underneath allowing a wide-range of movement options on a flat, smooth surface.

Using laser pointer technology, the SurfaceONE can accurately target the subject to allow for fluid and precise movement. The unit runs on a cordless DC motor and is powered by Canon LP-E6 type batteries, claiming to have striking power management features, which include efficient use of the low-powered Bluetooth signals that are used to communicate with your smartphone.

The controls for the device have been offloaded to Edelkrone’s own iPhone/Android application, which allows the shooter to dial in the movement they need for their shot. Features of the app include the ability to set the start and end times of the movement, the direction of the movement, turn angles, and final video duration. Soon, an Apple Watch app will be available for the SurfaceONE if you are one of those who wants to remotely control the unit via your Apple-branded smartwatch.

The motion control system offers three different types of movement using the iPhone/Android App:

  • Targeted Slide allows you to target your subject from two points and will automatically carry out the movement from the start to end point, no matter how far the subject may be.
  • Free Slide can turn the motion control system into an endless slider, granted that you are using very smooth surface.
  • Auto Pan Mode, which will probably be the most sought after feature, will use the SurfaceONE’s laser-pointing technologies to lock a subject into its center while the system orbits around the subject. The feature includes angular speed adjustment to help set the exact look you’re going for.

In the meantime, the unit provides maximum and minimum speeds of 8.66″ (220mm) per second and 0.007″ (0.2mm) per second respectively. It also can run for about 4 hours at full speed or 48 hours while being in a time-lapse mode on a single battery charge.

The SurfaceONE is available now for $689.99 on the Edelkrone website. If you want, you could also purchase the optional yet sturdy FlexTILT 2 Head for $149.99, allowing for flawless height, pan and tilt adjustments coupled with the SurfaceONE motion control system.

[source: Edelkrone]

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