Download This Free Premiere Pro Preset Pack with Some Awesome Fake Camera Movements

While Adobe Premiere Pro comes bundled with many essential features to enhance your video projects, there is a large market out there for those looking for additional plug-ins, presets and extensions to take your videos to the next level.

These plug-ins are programmed by a multitude of companies of all sizes ranging from an independent freelance programmer to well-established post-production software corporations such as Red Giant or Video Copilot. In this case, Premiere Pro expert Kyler Holland created a simple preset pack that claims to make your static shots seem more dynamic.

The product is called the “Fake Camera Movements” and its function is right in the title. The collection of presets is made to emulate basic camera moves, making your shots seem more dynamic as compared to watching footage that was just shot on a stationary tripod. For instance, there is a preset that makes your shot go from the upper left to the lower right area of the frame.

The preset pack is divided into three different folders: Scale, Position, and Rotation. These represent various types of effects possible with the presets. For each folder, there are two subfolders that essentially have the same effects, with the only difference being the keyframe interpolation properties.

If you choose an effect listed under Linear, the effect will start and stop at the exact time the preset is made. On the other hand, if you select an effect under the Bezier folder, the start and stop of the motion will be much smoother because it starts off slow, picks up speed, then slows down before the end of the effect.

It’s important to keep in mind that since the presets modify the position, scale, and rotation to achieve the desired effect, you’ll want to ensure that you’re shooting at high resolution to account for the crop factor. This is necessary to avoid any black areas from showing up due to the animation. Moreover, it would also be best to use the effects on shots that used a wide lens.

If you want to get the presets, use the following link. You can download the pack for free by using the promo code “100OFF” for 100% off the original price. While that may be the case, if you want to support Kyler Holland and his work, maybe you’ll want to lay off the coupon code and donate $3 in exchange for the presets as a gesture of goodwill and appreciation.

[source: Kyler Holland]

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