Quick Tips on Shooting in S-Log3 with the Sony a6500

As we all know, S-Log3 gamma profile could be extremely beneficial not only when shooting with any of the mid to high-level tier Sony cameras, but also with the smaller entry-level mirrorless counterparts such as the Sony a6500. The picture produced with the profile provides an extremely flat looking image while retaining the maximum dynamic range captured by the camera sensor. Even though this might be perfect for post-production color work, there are certain shortcomings that you should take into consideration before using the profile.

Long story short, here’s how to correctly expose for S-Log3 when filming with the Sony a6500.

First and foremost, it’s highly recommended to use the camera’s native ISO of 800 when shooting in S-Log3. That’s because if you try to go any higher above this, odds are you will start to see a considerable amount of noise in your footage.

Another essential consideration is to overexpose your shot by two stops when shooting in S-Log3 as your exposure should be set to +2.0. Keep in mind, though, that if the number on your camera display starts blinking, this would be a clear sign that the captured image is too overexposed.

To fix the issue, you’ll need to compensate with your aperture by increasing the f-stop until the exposure goes down to +1.7, and then you should bring it back slightly until you hit +2.0 again just as shown in the video above. The same workaround could be applied when using an ND filter as an alternative way to control your exposure.


Even though this video produced by Sidney Diongzon isn’t a comprehensive guide to shooting with S-Log3 by any means, the provided quick tips should help you to drastically reduce the noise generated in your footage while trying to nail down your exposure with this particular picture profile. In the meantime, if you want to learn how to color grade your S-Log3 footage, make sure you also check out our write-up on the topic here.

[source: Sidney Diongzon]

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