The Essential Basics of Shooting 3-Axis Moving Timelapse Videos

Shooting a timelapse is a fairly straightforward process. You just need to set your camera down to record video, leave it filming for a few minutes, then speed the captured sequence up in post. Although this is the basic premise of a decent timelapse, great timelapses typically require a bit more effort.

For instance, you could use a motorized slider that moves the camera during the recording to add more kinetic energy to your shot. What’s more, you could even create a multi-axis motion, and this is where the real fun begins. Rob from YouTube Channel Rob & Jonas’ Filmmaking Tips, recommends using a custom motorized system to accomplish this complicated timelapse move and get some stunning results.

The showcased above Syrp-based timelapse rig is based on three main components. The first piece of the setup is the Syrp Magic Carpet, which essentially acts as a motorized camera slider for use primarily with timelapse videography. This will serve as one of the axes in motion.

The other components of the setup are the Syrp Genie and two Genie Mini’s mounted on a Pan-Tilt Bracket all attached to the Magic Carpet. The Genie is the brains of the entire operation as it houses the battery and motors to make the move happen. In conjunction with the Genie Minis, you are able to move the camera through the pan and tilt with the rig, completing the three-axis setup.

The best part? All of this is controlled by Syrp’s Genie mobile app. With the software, you’re able to set the duration of the movement, program its direction on all axes, and if you wanted to take photos instead of video, control the intervalometer built into the Genie.

Of course, you don’t need a lavish motor-controlled rig such as what is described above. The general idea is that if you want to add some spice and intrigue to your timelapse, consider adding movement, even if it is a simple pan and tilt.

[source: Rob & Jonas’ Filmmaking Tips]

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