RED Hydrogen One Smartphone Update

Jim Jannard, the man behind RED Digital Cinema, recently posted an update on the company’s much anticipated project – the RED Hydrogen One smartphone. For those of you who don’t recall much about the smartphone, not that much about is known, but what is known is that the RED Hydrogen One will have a 5.7” Professional Hydrogen Holographic Display, which features some very advanced nanotechnology that will apparently be able to seamlessly switch between traditional 2D content, holographic multi-view content (4V), 3D content and interactive games with both landscape and portrait modes supported.

The Hydrogen One is said to run Android OS, and offer an unmatched immersive experience without the need for “wearable” accessories such as VR goggles. The RED Hydrogen One will not only be the control centre for the HYDROGEN system, but it will also integrate somehow with the RED Scarlet, Epic and Weapon as a user interface and monitor.

The RED Hydrogen One will be available in either an Aluminium version at $1,195 US, or alternatively a Titanium version priced at $1,595. At the moment it is has not been revealed what the difference between the two versions would be other than the type of metal construction designated by the name.

RED Hydrogen One Holographic 3D AR VR Smartphone

RED HYDROGEN ONE Updated Highlights

  • Runs Android OS
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 835x Processor
  • 2560 x 1440 screen resolution in 2D mode
  • Dual SIM slot / USB-C port
  • Huge 4500 mAh battery!
  • Headphone Jack
  • Expandable Micro SD
  • Multi-component modular system.
    • via the RED pogo pin connectors
  • Immersive 5.1 Audio experience
  • Shoots 3D to 4V with a 2D proxy? (without an additional module)
  • View all traditional 2D content normally at full-screen resolution
  • View holographic RED Hydrogen 4-view content (H4V)
  • View stereo 3D content
  • View 2D/3D VR, AR and MR
  • Price:
    • $1,195 Aluminium
    • $1,595 Titanium
  • Expected:
    • Q1 2018 for pre-orders
    • Summer for carrier specific

Here is a brief summary of the rest the Hydrogen One Update (link to full update):

  • Serial numbers EVT1- 0001 and 0002
    • are Jim’s and Jarred’s Hydrogen phones, which they are currently using.

While there are still a few things to add, it does everything we need from a cell phone… plus display 4-view content. It is awesome. If we never sell one phone… I am totally happy. We both have exactly what we wanted. – said Jannard.

  • Display:
    • In 2D mode the display has a 2560 x 1440 resolution with “…fantastic colour and brightness” according to Jannard.

In 4V mode (holographic), the screen dims a bit and out pops a “better than 3D” image… no glasses needed. There is no way to describe this. You just have to see it. So far, everyone that has seen it gasps, swears or just grins. I wish we had recorded all the reactions. Priceless.

  • Multichannel spatial sound from internal stereo speakers or headphones – apparently it sounds pretty awesome, can be described only by listening to it.
  • Multi-component modular system
    • via the RED pogo pin system on the back of the phone. Ppower and data in both directions; modules are stackable.

Think battery module, cinema grade camera module, and a variety of others… – Jannard

  • Delivery date and carrier support

Plentiful support from mobile carriers, no specifics at this point.

Carrier support for Hydrogen is unprecedented… we just can’t tell you yet. Safe to say it is as good as it gets. This is great news for many obvious reasons, but it is bad news for the time that it takes for each carrier to certify the Hydrogen before it can launch. We have no control over that process and are at the mercy of the carriers when they can get through that process.

This means “official” ship date for carrier phones is going to likely be sometime in the summer.

“Unlocked” Pre-orders will however ship before that.

  • When can you see it?

RED are now showing prototypes now to content producing partners in preparation for the HYDROGEN Network – the one place to find all 4V content online. Creators range from major studios and other content providers to creating your own channel.

RED will have a HYDROGEN Day at RED Studios to preview the technology and demonstrate how to become a content provider – this will probably happen in April.

  • What is the resolution in 4V? 

According to Jim, this is not an easy and straightforward answer. Apparently, the 4V (holographic) files match the pixel resolution of a traditional 2D file, which making it easy to download.

The horizontal resolution of 2D is split into depth layers, which gives a completely different feeling and is not along the lines of traditional resolution thinking Jim adds “…All the pixels are there… but instead of “looking at” a pic, you are immersed in the image. It is quite spectacular. As a resolution guy, I absolutely prefer watching 4V over 2D.”

  • Sharing 4V content captured on the HYDROGEN One

RED will be announcing their social media partners pretty soon, where you can share your holographic content captured with a Hydrogen One. Jim also added that users will be able to share their 4V content for free or sell it via the Hydrogen Network.

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