Canon C200 PL Modification Kit from Wooden Camera

Canon polarized the industry with the release of their C200 “Cinema EOS” camera, which has the unique to the Canon range, ability to shoot compressed 4K raw internally at the expense of a heavily compressed 8bit MP4 codec, and despite the recent addition of XF-AVC, the omittion of a 10bit broadcast ready codec is a big minus and dealbreaker for lots of shooters.

Having a native EF mount and the combination of the industry’s leading continuous Dual Pixel AF system + touch screen functionality puts the C200 in a very favourable position. And even though Canon makes a native PL version, there are lots of people who prefer to have the EF mount and the ability to PL.


Well, the Canon C200/C200B Modification Kit from Wooden Camera does just that. It allows users to convert their Canon C200/C200B camera to PL Mount through a short modification process.

All necessary tools are included in the kit. The Wooden Camera PL Mount is made of aircraft grade aluminium and includes the PL port cap. Shims are provided with the kit for adjusting back focus and the appropriate shims are installed prior to shipping. Further adjustment should not be needed but can be checked using a wide angle lens and a focus chart.

Of course, the modification process can be reversed and if you choose to go back to EF mount in the future, you can do it by reversing steps in the process. With this kit, the modification is performed by the user. Wooden Camera are also offering an optional WC installation service for an extra $150 where you can send in your camera and they do it for you. Email [email protected] for more info on the details of this process.

Important Note: While the vast majority of lenses are compatible, due to the ND filter turret on the Canon C200, lenses with a rear protrusion longer than 33.5mm, measured from the PL flange, are not compatible.

Check out the video tutorial below to learn how you can modify your Canon C200 with the Wooden Camera C200 PL Mount Kit:

Catch up on all the new products from Wooden Camera for NAB 2018 in their video from the show floor below.

The WC PL modification kit for Canon C200 is priced at $499 and shipping now; You can also order it from B&H here. Read more about the new announcements from NAB 2018 for Wooden Camera in our posts here and here.

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