A Neat Trick to Mount the Canon C200 to Your Ronin-S

When it comes to mounting cameras onto a gimbal, weight and balance are everything. When DJI announced that the Ronin-S would be compatible with the Canon C200, many professionals were pleasantly surprised by the fact that the single-arm gimbal has the actual strength to handle such a decent-sized camcorder.

Mounting the Canon C200 onto the Ronin-S, however, doesn’t come without a few challenges, so if you wonder how to get the most out of this combo, filmmaker Matthias Kretschmann will walk you through the process by showing off some useful tricks along the way.

The biggest issue here is weight distribution, as an unbalanced system could cause potential problems that can negatively affect the overall performance of your rig.

That begins said, Kretschmann recommends using the SmallRig Top Plate that can be attached to the top of the Canon C200. With the plate installed, you can mount the C200’s monitor to the back-end right side of the plate.

Additionally, you can screw on a small counterweight on the left side of the add-on. This is to ensure that the camera wouldn’t be too heavy on the back-right end of the system.

Another neat trick is to mount the C200’s side grip handle to the Ronin-S’s body itself. This can be done by attaching a SmallRig Arri Rosette Bolt-On Mount to the Ronin-S, which allows you to mount the side grip to the gimbal.

To make the side handle operational, however, you will also need to purchase a third-party extension cable that connects the side grip to the camera. Once the cable is connected, you will have an additional grip point on the system which is extremely important when operating a gimbal with such a heavy payload.

Even though the suggested configuration seems to be a feasible option, do be careful when using it in the field. Because of the heavy weight of the camera, it’s best to avoid sudden and quick movements to ensure safe operation, and most importantly, to protect your gimbal’s motors from any potential damages that may occur down the line.

[source: fb & Co | Digitales Marketing]

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