RØDE’s NextGeneration RØDEcaster Pro 2 Offers a Slew of New Features

The RØDEcaster Pro has been a game-changing must-have for any content creator looking to engage with their audience through podcasting. With up to six channels and the ability to take calls via Bluetooth, this audio interface is a professional-grade production studio that can be carried in a backpack.

Now RØDE has announced their second generation RØDEcaster Pro II, with a host of new features making this recording/mixing console even more powerful than before. With endless customizable features and improved sound quality, it really is the most powerful all-in-one audio solution for any content creator on a budget.

Image Credit – RØDE

Referred by RØDE as a “completely new beast” from the original that was launched in 2018, the new RØDEcaster Pro 2 has been designed not just for podcasting, but for all creators looking to deliver high-quality audio for any creative endeavor.

“When developing the RØDECaster Pro II, we went in with a similar mindset to the original: we wanted to create something truly revolutionary once again, but this time our focus was all creators, not just podcasters,” said RØDE CEO Damien Wilson.

“We designed it completely from the ground up to deliver unprecedented performance and complete adaptability in any creative application, from gaming and streaming to music production. This is not simply an evolution of the RØDECaster Pro. It’s a completely new beast, unlike anything you’ve seen before.”

At a glance, the RØDECaster Pro II incorporates six-track sliders to control eight banks of eight pads, for 64 fully customizable unique actions.

There are also four high-quality microphone jacks for plugging in microphones, preamps, musical instruments, or any other input device. Each has a dedicated Revolution preamp with an ultra noise rating of 131.5 dB.

The RØDECaster Pro II also includes ultra-low noise preamps for clarity at high gain, studio-quality APHEX audio processing, and onboard effects including reverb, echo, robot, pitch shifting, and others.

The Aphex system delivers a suite of processing tools including an Aural exciter, big bottom, and master compeller leveler. There’s also a DS Gate, high pass filter, and de-esser functions. Users can also use the automated processing options for managing the audio signal on the fly.

Image Credit – RØDE

Users can also assign effects to one of the RØDECaster Pro II’s eight smart pads, so they can be made at the touch of a button. The RØDECaster Pro II can also connect to two different computers and manage their recording simultaneously.

There are six faders and three virtual faders that are available on the 5.5” LCD screen, making a total of nine channels to allocate to a variety of input options including four mics, an ethernet and USB-C connection, and even a mobile phone for taking calls. Users can also link two different channels and fade them with single fader control.

RØDE is also just getting started, saying there’s enough processor power in the RØDECaster Pro II that it will enjoy feature updates for years to come. Should existing RØDECaster Pro users sell their gen one rigs and upgrade? Well, it largely depends on what you plan to do with it. Much of the RØDECaster Pro II looks to be that next level of recording, and if you’re there, it may be time to do so.

Image Credit – RØDE

The RØDECaster Pro II is as versatile as the content creator can imagine, with a retail price of just under $700. The expected shipping date is mid-June of 2022.

In fact, in addition to more details, RØDE has a countdown clock on their website, so users can see exactly when it hits the market. T-minus 18 days.

[source: RØDE]

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