IBC 2018: P+S Technik TECHNOVISION Classic 70-200mm 1.5x Anamorphic Zoom for Full-Frame Large Format Cine Cameras

Premier Munich-based cine lens and accessories manufacturer P+S Technik brought a few new lenses to IBC 2018 and also some from their existing range. They’ve been servicing the cinematography industry for quite some time with stellar anamorphic lenses, however now they are expanding their Anamorphic range with a new zoom designed to cover full-frame sensors on cameras like the Sony VENICE, ALEXA LF, and Canon C700FF with their newest Technovision Classic 70-200mm 1.5x Anamorphic Zoom.

The new Technovision Classic 70-200mm 1.5x has a maximum T stop of T3.5, and being a front anamorphic helps keeps the design and footprint relatively compact (310mm length) and lightweight coming in at just around 3.5kgs. The lens has a 250 degree focus rotation and is available in either LPL (for ALEXA LF) or PL mounts, in addition to alternative IMS mounts such as Canon EF.

The 1.5x squeeze factor makes for a not-so-aggressive anamorphic characteristics, while preserving sharpness, and has a 114mm front. At IBC 2018, I stopped by their booth and had a quick chat with Anna Piffl from P+S Technik about their latest full-frame zoom lenses and primes.

In addition to the TECHNOVISION Classic zooms, P+S Technik also showed off their anamorphic primes starting with the new 100mm 1×5 T3.0 Anamorphic lens. The colourful yellow focus and iris rings (just like on the zooms) are present here as well bringing some more uniqueness in the overall design. You can spot these from a mile away, which can be a good thing.

You can see some lovely footage shot on these below:

Technovision Classic lenses on Arri Alexa LF from P+S TECHNIK on Vimeo.

ibc 2018 ps technik anamorphic zoom

The starting price of the primes in this range is €19,000, while the zooms start at €23K.

For full specs and more details head over to P+S Technik’s website here.

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