Blackmagic Design Release DaVinci Resolve 15.1.2 Update + BRAW 12:1 Footage

Blackmagic Design recently released a new update to DaVinci Resolve 15. With the latest Resolve 15.1.2 update, several addresses issues and bug fixes are addressed. Resolve 15.1.2 fixes issues where running DaVinci Resolve on case sensitive drive volumes would cause problems in prior versions, and also includes stability improvements for Windows laptops running CUDA acceleration.

In addition, DaVinci Resolve 15.1.2 also makes live save during remote grading sessions more reliable, properly premultiplies RGBA images when using OpenFX plugins. This update also improves Blackmagic RAW setting functionality, makes ResolveFX more reliable on the colour page, addresses issues with Fusion paint, Fairlight audio, and dozens of other general performance and stability issues.

Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve 15

DaVinci Resolve 15.1.2 Update:

The following issues are fixed:

  • where starting DaVinci Resolve would cause a crash on some CUDA enabled Windows laptops with integrated graphics
  • where the viewer would flash between video and data levels during playback on some systems running on CUDA
  • where the Delete Through Edit context menu option would incorrectly be shown for all edit points on the Edit page
  • where re-conforming clips with remote grades would sometimes cause a crash in collaborative projects
  • where dragging an audio clip into audio track layers would sometimes cause a crash in the Edit page
  • where dragging an audio clip with no mapped channels into the timeline would cause a crash
  • where track mute controls would sometimes show an incorrect automation state on the Edit page
  • where copying clips in the Fairlight page would sometimes cause a crash
  • where incorrect audio formats would be shown for muted audio tracks in the Deliver page
  • where Fusion comps with the paint tool applied would sometimes result in the first frame being black
  • where RGBA images would not be processed premultiplied when using some OpenFX plugins
  • where applying stabilization on video clips with odd resolutions would cause a crash
  • where source render cache would not be preserved when applying grades from stills or other clips
  • where adding a ResolveFX node to a clip during playback in the Color page would display a critical exception
  • with the DCDM (P3D65 Limited) IDT in ACES 1.1 projects
  • where trimming some MP4 clips using media management would not succeed
  • when rendering to QuickTime ProRes 4444 where the output would sometimes have chroma overflow artefacts
  • where the ISO selection would sometimes incorrectly be hidden when using RAW clips
  • where playing back some smartphone clips captured in portrait mode would cause a crash
  • where rendering Sony clips with Japanese file names using source filename would not work correctly on Windows
  • where the Photon validation options for IMF packages would not be displayed when Java Development Kit version 11 was installed
  • stability in remote grading sessions when the client machine had live save enabled
  • running DaVinci Resolve on case-sensitive drive volumes on Mac

Resolve 15.1.2 also includes some general performance and stability improvements, and it is recommended you download the latest version either for Studio or the free version from Blackmagic Design’s support page here.

I have been shooting some tests with the new Blackmagic Raw format recently for the past few days, and I just wanted to share some of the first things I shot with the URSA Mini Pro, that Blackmagic Design kindly lend me to test BRAW. I shot this footage on a rainy late afternoon/sort of dusk, really quickly as I needed to get a charger for a V-mount battery from a friend, so I shot this footage quickly with the remaining battery I had (it’s a long story).

So this footage is just a few quick shots rather than a more encompassing test. I have a lot more to upload, and will do my best to do upload as much as I can in the next few days, as I am in between shoots right now, and it’s all a bit crazy over here.

All shot in 12:1 BRAW compression with the URSA Mini Pro in 4.6K “open-gate” i.e. the full-sensor in 24p and also one shot in 60p on a 128GB Lexar CFast 2.0 card. Apologies for the flicker in some shots, this is my mistake, as I forgot to change frequency back to 50Hz as I was messing with the settings prior (or adjust my shutter to 172.8 degrees). Either way, my initial impressions from the 12:1 BRAW compression is that is very useful and a hell of a lot easier to edit than CinemaDNG or even ProRes 4444 (at least on my age-in MBP 2015, which is a dog of a laptop).

Edited in Resolve 15, with just the official BMD Film to Extended Video LUT included in Resolve. I did some slight contrast, saturation and WB adjustments, but nothing more.

Yes, there is some noise, but nothing that some slight de-noising wouldn’t be able to fix. Keep in mind all of this is shot under a bridge, at dawn in drizzling rain so as to test how the maximum BRAW compression behaves in tough lighting scenarios, as I’d imagine some of you would be using this codec for live events and weddings, where it can all be a bit too unpredictable lighting-wise.

I will post more BRAW footage as well as download-able links to the camera original files of some shots in the next few days.

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