SmallHD Monitors Even Better Now with OS3 v3.3 Firmware Update

SmallHD released a major OS3 firmware update for their latest models monitors last November, packing new features and improvements including a new autonomous calibration feature that lets you calibrate your SmallHD monitor without the use of a computer as well as improved and customizable False Colour giving DPs a way to totally customize how they want to expose the image given user defined IRE ranges.

Other additions included a battery percentage (in addition to the previous voltage readout) to make it easier for users to judge remaining battery life, and also a spot meter in the luma waveform to help with making more precise exposure decisions.

Just days ago, SmallHD released a new firmware update OS3 v3.3 adding access to HDMI metadata, an improved toolbar preview and more aspect ratio guides. For full details on what is new see the paragraphs below.

SmallHD OS3 v3.3

Images by SmallHD

New Features in SmallHD OS 3 v3.3

  • HDMI Metadata now available
  • Power Button LEDs have been updated
  • Improved Toolbar Preview
  • Higher quality Image Overlays
Recently added features:
  • “Selfie Mode” – Auto Horizontal Mirroring
  • More Aspect Guides
    • 9:16 and 1:1
  • Custom Backdrops
SmallHD OS3 v3.3

Image by SmallHD

SmallHD OS3 is compatible with the following SmallHD monitors:

  • SmallHD FOCUS 5-inch
  • SmallHD FOCUS Bolt
  • SmallHD 703 Bolt
  • SmallHD 502 Bright & SmallHD 502, SmallHD 501
  • SmallHD 700 Series – 702 Bright, 701 Lite, 702 Lite,
  • SmallHD UltraBrights – 503 Ultrabright, 703 Ultrabright
  • 1300 Series, 1700 Series, 2400 Series, and 3200 Series

SmallHD OS3 Firmware Summary

NOTE: Firmware OS3 v3.3 update is NOT compatible with the SmallHD AC7 and DP7-PRO Series.

To download OS3 v3.3 head over to SmallHD here.

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