Learn How to Setup Your RODECaster Pro with These Tutorials

Esteemed audio maker Rode Microphones recently announced their all-in-one podcasting production studio – the RODECaster Pro, and now they have also released some really useful demo videos and tutorials to get you started and help you get the best out of the unit. Some of these videos include a dive into the advanced settings of the RODECaster Pro, the features, how to use your PC as an audio source, mic setup, loading sounds, and more.

For those unfamiliar yet with the RODECaster Pro, it is a compact podcasting studio, that gives creators the ability to record and mix podcasts on the fly with up to 4x microphones, thanks to the high quality XLR mic inputs, 4 discreet headphone outputs, remote guests on calls, music, and pre-recorded segments going on all at once.

You can also save your recordings directly to an onboard microSD card or to your computer via USB. RODE have made it easy for content creators by including intuitive and ergonomic controls and a large full-colour touchscreen.

RODE microphones rodecaster pro

Images by Rode Microphones

RODECaster Pro Features:

  • 4 x XLR inputs for pro microphones:
    • Class A, servo based inputs able to power studio condenser microphones as well as conventional dynamic microphones.
  • Separate inputs for:
    • 3.5mm TRRS (phone or device)
    • Bluetooth (phone or device)
    • USB (for music/audio or app calls)
  • Pristine audio quality phone and app calls – with no echo (mix-minus). 
    • Easily adjust levels – no extra gear or messy set-up involved.
  • Programmable sound effects pads:
    • 8 colour coded sound effects triggers for programmable jingles and sound effects.
  • Programmable in the RØDECaster Pro or from your computer via the software.
  • APHEX Exciter and Big Bottom patented processing for that rich, warm tone only found in professional broadcast systems.
    • Also includes multistage dynamics: compression, limiting and noise-gating.
  • Full Colour, High-Resolution Touch-screen
    • allows easy control of all settings, including EQ presets for a range of professional voicing.
  • Four high-power headphone outputs and stereo speaker out:
    • each with independent volume controls.
  • Records direct to microSD Card 
    • for completely self-contained operation,
    • or to your preferred computer and software via USB.
  • Live streaming capability!
  • TRRS, USB, and Bluetooth Connectivity
  • 4 Discrete Headphone Outputs
  • Pre-order: $599 at B&H

RODECaster Pro Features Overview:

Additional Settings:

RODECaster Pro Advanced Audio Features:

Using your PC as an Audio Source:

Loading Sounds onto the RODECaster Pro:

Connect your Smartphone to the RODECaster Pro:

RODECaster Pro – Mic Setup:

For more info and details on the RODECaster Pro head over to RODE Microphones.

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