Sachtler Flowtech 75 and Flowtech 100 Now With Ground-Spreader

Vitec Group brands Vinten and Sachtler, creators of the super-quick and versatile Flowtech carbon-fibre tripod, have announced the launch of a new ground spreader for their flowtech75 and flowtech100 tripod models. The Flowtech carbon fibre legs are quickly becoming an industry standard kit in the world of small-crew ENG, corporate, and documentary gigs mainly due to their robust and innovative construction. The fast-deploying spreader connects the three tripod legs at ground level for added stability on even terrain.

With sturdy but lightweight construction, the Flowtech ground spreader can be instantly attached or removed. A unique foot control enables operators to change the tripod’s footprint without having to bend over; they simply step on one of the foot buttons to extend the spreader arms to the full radius. Since the spreader feet are removable, operators no longer have to carry a separate set of feet if they choose to use the tripod without the spreader for low-angle shots.

Images by Sachtler/Vinten/Vitec Group

Some of the first pro’s to get hands on the new spreader were the camera operators from AsiaWorks, a leading independent media company with locations in Bangkok, Beijing, Singapore, and Jakarta, which used it with their Flowtech 100 tripod. The team leveraged the gear during several events in late 2018 throughout Singapore, including the New Economic Forum, the Fintech Festival, and several ASEAN Foundation events.

“It’s obvious from the design of this tripod that Sachtler and Vinten understand the value of time when you’re working on set,” said Andrew Fisher, head of operations, AsiaWorks. “There are many features that save moments throughout the day — from the standout quick deploy legs to the newly designed ground spreaders — moments that add serious value to our productions. The new ground level spreaders are a great option for setting your camera up quickly to shoot from low angles and are easily operated with a simple foot press.”

Sachtler Vinten Flowtech 75

“Not only is flowtech the world’s fastest-deploying tripod, but it’s also the most versatile,” said Tobias Keuthen, director, global product marketing management, Vitec Production Solutions. “With the launch of flowtech100, we introduced a detachable, carbon-fibre midlevel spreader that ensures fast and stable setup on uneven ground. This new ground spreader extends that stability to on-location shooting where the terrain is flat, giving videographers a solution for every type of shoot.”

The flowtech ground spreader weighs around 800 grams (1.80 pounds) and features a built-up radius of 38-57cm (15-22.4 inches). The new ground spreader can be purchased individually or as part of a tripod and system package, but there is no pricing yet on the spreader itself.

Up until now, you could get the flowtech 75 and 100 only with a mid-level spreader, but now you can contact your local Vinten/Sachtler dealer and get a quote for more accurate pricing for a package with the new ground spreader.

More information on flowtech75, flowtech100, and flowtech accessories, including the new ground level spreader, is available at

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