Blackmagic Design Release DaVinci Resolve 16 Beta 5

Well, it looks like Blackmagic Design are getting closer to unleashing the live release of DaVinci Resolve 16 upon the masses, as the company just released DaVinci Resolve 16 and Resolve 16 Studio Public Beta 5 earlier today.

The latest beta version adds new support for editable video tracks on the Fairlight page, support for 4:4:4 SDI input when using Resolve Live (DaVinci Resolve Studio 16), improved timeline renaming behaviour, audio waveforms on sub-clips, and waveform display for clips with synced audio. Other improvements include improved crossfade menus on the Fairlight page, better support for AAF files, enhanced marker annotations and more reliable QuickSync options for H.264 and H.265 encoding on Windows laptops.

Fusion 16 Studio Public Beta 5 on the other hand, improves the performance of paint when using a large number of strokes, has better tiling calculations for more efficient 3D rendering, and adds support for GPU accelerated LUTs. In addition, the UltraKeyer matte results are improved, attaching modifiers to clone controls is more stable and channel boolean operations are more accurate.

DaVinci Resolve 16 Beta 5 – Summary:

  • New Features Resolve 16 Studio Beta 5:
    • Initial support for selection and editing of video tracks and clips in the Fairlight page
    • Support for monitoring audio from external monitoring sources
    • Support for annotating markers using lines and rectangles
    • Support for 4:4:4 SDI input for Resolve Live
  • Cut Page issues addressed where:
    • Custom defaults for transitions in the Cut page would not be persisted between application restarts
    • Cut page viewer would not show waveforms for some clips in Range Edit mode
  • Edit Page – new features/improvements:
    • Improved easing behaviour for position keyframes
    • Support for option to display individual audio channels in the Edit timeline
    • Improved visual progress and feedback when rendering savers on the Fusion page
    • Improved the performance of paint when a large numbers of individual strokes are used
    • Improved tiling calculations in renderer3D, allowing larger render sizes to be handled more efficiently
    • Improved performance of LUTs used with GPU acceleration
    • Removed non-functional blend control from Renderer 3D node
  • Color Page – issues fixed:
    • where deleting the last node in the color page node graph for a clip with OpenFX applied would sometimes cause a crash
    • where showing clip handles in Color page when live save is enabled would cause the application to freeze
    • where grabbing a still in the Color page would not automatically highlight the still
    • where applying ResolveFX stylize would show incorrect results on some macOS systems
    • where the enabled state of a shared node would sometimes not be saved
    • where deleting a timeline copy would sometimes invalidate the cache from the original timeline
    • where the waveform scope colorize option would not be persisted across application restarts
    • where GPU accelerated scopes would not refresh during playback when the Color page viewer was hidden
    • where marker and flag filters in the lightbox view in the Color page would not be persisted across application restarts
    • where images with alpha would have artifacts when cached in Resolve Color Management or ACES workflows
  • Fairlight – issues addressed:
    • where the bus format dialog would not show the correct track format when applying global track presets in the Fairlight page
    • where the bus assign dialog would not be refreshed when undoing bus assignment changes in the Fairlight page
    • where the context menu for adding crossfades would sometimes be grayed out in the Fairlight timeline
    • where SMPTE timecode generator settings in the Fairlight page would not be persisted between application restarts
    • where audio fades and waveforms would not be displayed for stereo tracks at certain track heights in the Fairlight page
    • where clip fade handles and gain keyframes could be edited in elastic wave mode
    • where audio fades made by keyframing clip gain would show noisy playback in the Fairlight page
    • where bus return from external patching sources would not be recalled correctly in Fairlight timelines
    • where punching out of automation changes would incorrectly hide automation curves till playback is stopped in the Fairlight page
  • Media and Codecs – fixed issues:
    • where analyzing clips for people would sometimes cause a hang on some systems with NVIDIA graphics cards
    • multiple issues with importing AAF files
    • where toggling proxy mode would invalidate render cache
    • where show non-rectified waveforms in the media pool would not be persisted between application restarts
    • where extracting audio from some QuickTime clips would not work correctly
    • where aspect ratio metadata would not be encoded correctly to DPX clips
    • where some color metadata would be read incorrectly for some ProRes clips
    • where some ProRes clips would be decoded with incorrect resolutions on Windows
    • where hardware accelerated encoding of H.264 clips would sometimes fail when rendering beyond the high bit rate supported in hardware
    • where media pool selection and sort order would not be synchronized across pages
    • Improved detection of the DolbyVision track in IMF clips
    • where the supplemental package option would sometimes not be available when creating IMF packages in the Deliver page
    • where laptops with external monitors connected would sometimes not show the QuickSync option to encode H.264 and H.265 clips
    • where the audio track format would display incorrectly in the Deliver page settings
  • General Improvements/Fixes
    • workspace scripts sub-menu would sometimes not correctly reflect the underlying scripts folder
    • loading a project with very small resolution timelines would sometimes cause a crash
    • where some context menu actions would not be listed with the correct name in the keyboard customization dialog
    • General performance and stability improvements

For a full list of fixes and improvements and to download the latest Beta 5 version head over to Blackmagic Design.

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