Short Film Shot on New SIGMA Classic Cine Primes + RED

This summer has been really exciting for Sigma as just earlier in July the company celebrated their 18th anniversary and also made some big announcements such as the new Sigma fp ultra-pocketable 4K full-frame camera, which can record 4K raw; read more about it in this post here.

However, among the new stills lenses and the new Sigma fp full-frame mirrorless camera, there was another surprise announcement – apparently Sigma are working on a new,  uncoated Cine “Classic” Art Prime range designed to give cinematographers a more classic and vintage soft look compared what the current Sigma High Speed Cine Primes and zooms offer.


Sigma HS Cine Primes

It appears the new “vintage look” range will be based on the existing Cine Primes focal lengths, albeit a bit slower at T2.5 for some lengths, however these technical specifics have not yet been officially announced.

More recently, Sigma released a short promo film demonstrating the characteristics of their new Classic Cine Primes. “Operator” was shot in Los Angeles and produced by Sigma America Cine Pro. Timur Civan was the director of photography and the film was directed by Bhavani Lee.

The piece was shot with the SIGMA Classic Art Primes Prototype on the RED Monstro 8K camera. Director of Photography Timur Civan described working with the lenses:

“They are designed to create a visually striking, sensual image. The same power the standard Cine Prime set had creating optical perfection, the Classic Art Primes have creating an enigmatic and boisterous image. A surprise awaits around every photon.”

As we move on towards the Fall of 2019 Sigma promises to release more information about their new Classic Cine Primes. Be sure to keep an eye out on the blog here for future updates.

To see the short film head over to Sigma’s Vimeo page here.

The short film’s DP Timur Civan has a fascinating detailed write-up on his blog about his experience with the Sigma Classic Cine Primes prototype lenses while shooting “Operator”. I highly recommend you head over there and dive in.

Explore the Sigma Cine Primes here.

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