ARRI Announces Digital Encoder Head DEH-1

ARRI has announced the latest addition to their esteemed Camera Stabilizer System range – the new Digital Encoder Head, DEH-1.

Based on a Cartoni tripod fluid head, specifically engineered and designed to operate ARRI’s remote-controlled Stabilized Remote Head (SRH-3), the DEH-1 is a fluid head that interfaces with any Mitchell flat base tripod or support. ARRI’s DEH1 is also the first digital encoder head that communicates through the LBUS protocol.

In its own right, the ARRI SRH-3 is a three-axis fully stabilized remote head usually found on big budget productions dangling in front of big and expensive camera crane vehicles allowing for cameras to go where no person can with flexibility and ease.


ARRI SRH-3 / Images by ARRI

So, when it came to remotely controlling the SRH-3 in a more intuitive way, ARRI came up with the DEH-1, which is not only rugged, but also easy to operate.

The ARRI DEH-1 comes with the ARRI staple of quality and reliability, all the way from design to construction and precision engineering, making it ideal for a variety of applications from commercials, big documentaries and of course, feature film productions.

Camera operators will find the traditional fluid head application intuitive and straightforward.

ARRI DEH-1 Stabilized Remote Head Master Grips

Images by ARRI

The adjustable drag system allows for extremely precise pan and tilt movements. The DEH-1 is a smart alternative to sophisticated hand wheels or the joystick.

The new digital encoder head can be seamlessly integrated into broadcast productions and is also available with a complete set of Master Grips (Focus and Zoom) or with an OCU-1 combined with Master Grip zoom rocker. The LBUS protocol, in particular, allows for the Master Grips or the OCU-1 to be connected to the DEH-1 with just one cable, allowing easy setup.

Since the ARRI DEH-1 also connects directly to the SRH-3’s remote control, with a single LBUS cable, the entire system can be controlled centrally using a single device. This allows all values and parameters of the DEH-1, the Master Grips, and the OCU-1 to be managed using the touch panel of the SRH-3 remote control.

The DEH-1 features a flat “cheese plate” at the top, complete with multiple threaded holes, to install a monitor or accessories. The fluid drag on both pan and tilt modes are the patented Cartoni fluid drag modules in seven steps, modified to ARRI specifications. The two telescopic pan bars carry two sliding counterweights to compensate the weight of the attached Master Grips or OCU-1.

The ARRI DEH-1 is available in sets for right-handed or left-handed operators. Since the DEH-1 comes with its own range of compatible devices and accessories, all designed and manufactured by ARRI using LBUS protocols, ARRI is able to guarantee smooth workflows as well as ongoing performance improvements and support.

ARRI say their new, and super-advanced DEH-1 is now shipping, so to get your order in be sure to check out your local ARRI dealer.

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