Bezamod P6K Adds PL Mount to Your BMPCC 6K

Unlike the original BMCC 2.5K and the URSA cameras, the BMPCC 6K is only available in Canon EF mount. This obviously is not an issue for most users since there’s a myriad of native EF lenses available out there, not to mention the variety of options you get when using some sort of lens adapter.

Unfortunately, adopting a PL glass to an EF mount is a whole different story mainly due to the different flange focal distances of the two mount systems as you won’t simply get away with a cheap snap-in adapter which seems to be the case when using a camera with an MTF mount and a PL lens. So, this is where the Bezamod modification for the BMPCC 6K comes in.

In a nutshell, the Bezamod P6K is a user-friendly non-destructive solution that fully replaces/bypasses the EF mount on the camera, eliminating the flange depth limitation imposed by the EF mount. It works just like many other professional cinema-grade interchangeable lens mounts while being custom made specifically to match the Pocket Cinema Camera 6K. It. Plus, it doesn’t void your camera warranty whatsoever.

The conversion is also fully reversible and comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and support. Furthermore, the Bezamod team is currently partnering with rental houses around Los Angeles to test and verify more lenses throughout the ongoing Bezamod Kickstarter campaign. Using this solution will allow Pocket 6K users to shoot with many of their favorite cinema lenses such as Zeiss CP-series, Xeens, and even Arri Master Primes.

According to Clifton Stommel, the creator of the project itself, the planned PL mount modification will support an extensive list of lenses that will exceed exponentially the capability of EF to PL snap-in adapters. It’s also worth mentioning that Stommel has been using a similar option for the original URSA Mini on all of his productions for the last few years.

He is also the inventor of the Atoch C2S adapter which helped a lot of indie filmmakers to use affordable SSDs in conjunction with the URSA Mini instead of the significantly more expensive CFast cards. The Bezamod P6K should be available in December if the Kickstarter campaign turns out to be successfully funded. You can find more information regarding the project as well as the full list of the supported PL lenses here.

[source: Clifton Stommel]

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