Upcoming Black Series CFExpress Cards Promise to Be Delkin’s Fastest

Delkin’s new Black Series CFExpress Type B memory cards declare blazing fast read/write speeds and the promise that they will keep writing until full. The card will also be available in a variety of sizes and maintain a sustained data transfer speed that goes beyond what camera specifications require.

Though Delkin doesn’t publish the rated speeds for the VPG400 certified Black Series CFExpress cards, the VPG400 certification, established by the Compact Flash Association, requires sustained minimum write speeds of 400 MB/s, and that is placed on the card media itself.

Reports are, however, that the cards can write up to 1500 MB/s with sustained transfer speeds a little faster. This would keep it in the same ballpark as other cards by ProGrade and AngelFire.

Image Credit – Delkin

As for storage capability, the cards move beyond the rated specs of Nikon’s Z9, which has a 79 image buffer to write to before writing to the card. Delkin claims that in write testing, the card usually had to wait for the buffer to clear and theoretically would write until full without stopping, rather than running in convert with the memory buffer.

As for space, the 325GB size model of the Black CFe card, looks to house 6,661 full-resolution still photos, and 10 minutes of 8K RAW 12-bit 6:1 video footage (7,680 x 4,320) at 60 frames per second, written at a bitrate of 4 Gbps.

User mileage may vary, of course, depending on what the data is being recorded and written at and what codec. Obvious, the card would be able to write up to 80 minutes of 1080p footage, and 4 times at 4K resolution.

The Black CFExpress cards are designed not only with storage and read speeds in mind, but also to be resistant to the elements.

The Black series is engineered, more than designed, with a solid molded design that completely seals the media inside making them 3 times stronger than a regular card and able to withstand over 45 pounds of force or impact.

Each card is rated Delkin says the card is designed to be as robust as they are fast, being shockproof, waterproof, and X-ray proof. The operating temperature range is rated from -13 to 185-degrees Fahrenheit, and comes with a lifetime warranty and 48-hour replacement policy.

Pricing and Availability

Available in sizes ranging from 75GB-650GB, the Black CFExpress cards will ship on May 10. Delkin states the price of only the 325GB card retailing for $430, but B&H lists other prices. Links below.

[source: Delkin]

Order Links:

  • Delkin Devices 512GB BLACK CFexpress Type B Memory Card (B&H)
  • Delkin Devices 325GB BLACK CFexpress Type B Memory Card (B&H)
  • Delkin Devices 150GB BLACK CFexpress Type B Memory Card (B&H)
  • Delkin Devices  75GB BLACK CFexpress Type B Memory Card (B&H)

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