RODECaster Pro Firmware Version 2.0 Now Available

RODE Microphones has just released the next major firmware update for their podcast production studio RODECaster Pro. The new firmware version 2.0 brings over 25 powerful features to the RODECaster Pro and also improves the companion app.

Firmware version 2.0 builds upon the major updates from earlier in the year such as Firmware 1.1, which brought multitrack recording to the RODECaster Pro amongst other handy features. The latest firmware update is the result of months of user feedback and testing, and includes major overhauls such as a new sound engine to improve the quality of the recordings and real-time connectivity for the companion app among other important new firmware that will make it even easier for users to create incredible sounding podcasts.

RODECaster Pro Firmware Update 2.0 Details:

  • Podcast Transfer Mode

According to RODE, one of the most common requests they’d received from users is the ability to access podcasts stored on the microSD card directly from the unit without having to take the card out and putting it into a computer. The new Podcast Transfer Mode allows you to do so.

You can enable this feature by going to – Settings > Hardware > microSD Card and enable ‘Podcast Transfer Mode’. Once enabled, the microSD card will appear in the Finder on a Mac or File Explorer on Windows. You can also use the companion app to access and manage files as before. It is worth to note that that when the RØDECaster is in ‘Podcast Transfer Mode’ all other functionality is disabled.

  • Powerful New Sound Pad Functionality

There is a new sound pad playback indicator button on the home screen. This icon indicates via changing colours which sound pad is currently playing, as well as how much time that pad has before the sound ends. If you have multiple pads playing at once, the icon will show the pad that will end soonest.

There is also a new playback mode called “Pause” – this allows you to pause playback by pressing the pad. The pad will blink to indicate its paused. To resume, press the pad again. To stop, press and hold the pad.

Users can now store up to 8 banks of sounds or 64 in total. This is quite useful for those, who produce multiple podcasts or for sound-heavy podcasts.

  • New “Broadcast-Ready” Features

RODE have added a host of new features for those of you who are using the RODECaster Pro as part of your live podcast workflow as in a more traditional broadcast environment. These features accessed via the new ‘Audio’ screen (Settings > Hardware > Advanced > Audio).

One such feature has to do with disabling outputs – users can now disable the main output level control knob (Monitor Outputs > Disable Level Knob). This will bypass the level control entirely, defaulting to standard line level regardless of the position of the control knob.

RODE has also added a button to automatically mute the monitor outputs when faders are open to prevent feedback when using monitors (Monitor Outputs > Automatically Mute Outputs).

Another new feature that is commonly found on broadcast consoles is the ability to switch the solo button to enable pre-fade listen mode (Channels > Enable Pre-Fade Listen).

Finally, the ‘host’ (channel 1) can now speak with callers on the USB, Smartphone and Bluetooth channels without the conversation being recorded or going to the monitor outputs.

And of course, as mentioned prior, the RODECaster Pro’s audio processing engine has been tweaked to give users better sounding podcasts.

RODEcaster Pro Firmware version 2.0

Image by RODE

RODECaster Pro Companion App Updates

  • Saving ‘Shows’ and Settings

One awesome new feature in the companion app is the ability to save and load ‘Shows’. A ‘Show’ is basically a snapshot of your RODECaster Pro: settings, sounds, everything. These can be saved on your computer and re-loaded at any time in the future. This can be quite helpful if you produce a couple of different podcasts or your RODECaster is being used by multiple people. You can load a ‘Show’ from one RODECaster Pro to another.

  • Real-Time Connectivity

The RØDECaster Pro and companion app now communicate in real-time, meaning that any changes made in the app will be reflected on the RODECaster Pro immediately and vice versa.

Head over to RODE Microphones to download Firmware version 2.0 here.

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