Sound Devices MixPre Firmware v5.0 Update Released

Sound Devices announces MixPre firmware v5.00 update for all MixPre mixer-recorders, including the new MixPre II Series. Firmware v5.00 is applicable to all current and legacy MixPre and MixPre-M models, and it brings quite a few useful improvements and features, including flexible USB output routing and USB hub support.

With the new firmware update version 5.00 the award-winning pro audio maker introduces the new and much revered MixAssist Plugin to the MixPre series. Bringing Sound Devices’ field-proven automixer to the MixPre Original Series and MixPre II Series is something a lot of sound recordists have been waiting for.

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Sound Devices’ MixAssist is often held in quite high regard in the pro audio community mainly thanks to its ability to reduce ambient noise and reverberation when mixing and recording with multiple microphones.

The advanced auto-mixer incorporates multiple proprietary algorithms for reducing noise and phase artifacts, including Noise Adaptive Threshold, MaxBus, Last Mic Lock-on, Off-Attenuation, and NOMA (Number of Open Mic Attenuator).

Sound Devices MixPre II Series

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The MixAssist function was previously only available on Sound Devices higher-end 6-Series, 7-Series, and 8-Series mixer-recorders; the Sound Devices Scorpio and 833 mixer/recorders recently received a firmware update, which included MixAssist.

The MixAssist Plugin is compatible with the MixPre Original Series and MixPre II Series, and may be purchased for $99 from the Sound Devices Plugin Store.

Another feature introduced in v5.00, flexible USB output routing, allows sound mixers to specify which channels are sent via USB to a computer. This is useful for podcasting, journalism, or whenever an interviewer needs mix-minus or otherwise wants to remove their own voice from a recording. Isolated channels may be sent pre- or post-fade, making it possible to bypass the fader settings on the MixPre if desired.

Additionally, with newly-added USB hub support, sound mixers can simultaneously use multiple USB devices, such as a USB controller, USB Keyboards, and a USB drive.

Sound Devices MixPre-3M

Sound Devices MixPre Firmware v5.00 Details:

  • Support for optional MixAssist automixer plugin
    • available for MixPre-3, -6, 10T, -3 II, -6, II, and 10 II.
  • Flexible USB Output routing:
    • The new USB Output routing matrix allows control of what signals are sent to the computer and in which order they get sent.
    • The matrix allows for mix-minus and selection between pre-fade vs. post-fade isolated channels
    • M models and music projects allow post-fade only.
  • Sound Reports added to MixPre-3, MixPre-6, MixPre-3 II, and MixPre-6 II.
  • Expanded list of cameras supported for HDMI timecode and triggers:
    • Blackmagic, Canon, Nikon, and Fujifilm
  • USB Hub support:
    • connect and simultaneously use a USB keyboard, USB Controller, and a USB Thumb-drive via a USB Hub.
  • Note: USB Drives are supported by the MixPre-3 II, MixPre-6 II, MixPre-10 II, MixPre-10M, and MixPre-10T.
  • USB Auto-Copy
    • copying status now more prominent: status is displayed on all meter view status bars and by a flashing record LED in stop mode.
  • USB Auto-Copy
    • can now be suspended when powering down the MixPre and auto-resume when powered back on.
  • Quicker front panel knob response for low latency fader adjustments
  • Improvements to reduce power consumption:
    • Unused channels can be set to Off when not in use to maximize battery life.
  • USB Audio Class 1 (Windows without ASIO driver) now supports up to 96 kHz sample rates.
  • Music Mode (MixPre M models)
    • now allow USB returns from a computer to be routed directly to headphones, bypassing the need to route it to a channel.
  • Channel screen usability improvements for more immediate access to channel gain and solo.
    • Trim gain is automatically selected when entering a channel screen
    • New menu option to automatically solo the channel when entering a channel screen
    • Removed time out when setting parameters

If you own a Sound Devices MixPre original series or Series II mixer/recorder, you can head over to Sound Devices to get firmware update v5.00.

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