Check Out This Dope Stabilization Hack in Premiere Pro

Much of the pain from shooting handheld comes from trying to stabilize it in post. Either you ended up with too much shake and need to smooth it out or are trying to get it looking like a tripod shot. However, sometimes you use that tripod and want to give it a little life by adding a little bit of natural-looking camera shake.

Jordy from has a trick to do just that, and make your footage’s movement look very natural. The key part is by stealing the handheld shake from one of your actual handheld shots and copying it to the static footage.

Looking at your tripod shot you can use a handheld preset or add some motion manually. Neither is perhaps quite perfect. Here’s how you can do it using footage you likely already have.

Start with your handheld shot and drop it on the timeline, then right-click on it and select “Nest.” Apply the Warp Stabilizer to the shot. Next, go into the nested sequence and replace the handheld shot with your tripod shot.

When you head back to the main sequence you’ll now see that your tripod shot is now handheld.

You can tweak your warp stabilizer settings here without issue to get it looking just right, but be sure never to hit analyze as it will remove all the useful information from the setting. Now to take a look at text you may want to add to the sequence.

If you use a No Motion setting in Warp Stabilizer, drop in your text, while applying both a horizontal and vertical flip to the text since the stabilizer is actually the reverse of the underlying handheld shot.

Back in the main sequence apply another horizontal and vertical flip and the text looks like it is matching the motion extremely closely. It’s not perfect but it’s solid for quick projects.

Think you’ll try out this trick?


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