Meet the ARRI AMIRA Live Camera

The legendary German camera maker has just announced a brand new version of its AMIRA camera. The ARRI AMIRA Live is specifically designed for multi-camera live broadcasts while eliminating the external cabling between the camera body and the fiber adapter.

This setup results in a cleaner and more reliable configuration for live productions. Besides the AMIRA Live itself, ARRI also rolled out a feature-rich software update along with the Viewfinder Multicam Monitor VMM-1. That way, AMIRA Live offers a unique combination of system camera efficiencies and truly cinematic images.

Even though the ARRI AMIRA Live sports virtually the same body design, form factor, and ALEV III Super 35 image sensor like the original AMIRA, it comes equipped with a new back panel with fiber-channel connections, a new SUP 6.1 firmware, and the ARRI VMM-1 10″ onboard monitor.

The latter connects directly to the camera viewfinder interface or can be daisy-chained with the Camera Control Panel CCP-1. The ARRI VMM-1 offers direct controls for adjusting contrast, color, and backlight settings as well as turning on/off peaking via a dedicated switch. Additionally, there’s a quick-release Monitor Yoke Support included in the package.

Image Credit: ARRI

As expected, the ARRI AMIRA Live can record in-camera for post, finishing or slow-motion effects while simultaneously transmitting live HD or UHD video feed. Needless to say, the AMIRA Live boasts the unrivaled image quality and color science one would expect from any other ARRI camera model combined with more than 14 stops of dynamic range.

Last but not least, with the latest SUP 6.1 software update, the ARRI AMIRA Live gets improved noise reduction, increased sharpness settings range, better defect pixel correction, and faster boot-up.

The update also adds a green tally display to the viewfinder image and allows intercom talkback via the VTR or user button. Since one can use cine-style lenses with the same workflow as system camera lenses with the AMIRA Live, no additional device is needed when using cforce RF motors to control the iris with the RCP (Remote Control Panel).

Image Credit: ARRI

The ARRI AMIRA Live is currently available to order, even though there’s still no word on pricing. To learn more about the ARRI’s latest cameral system, head over to ARRI’s official website here.

[source: ARRI]

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